Jogless stripes in the round, if you're not doing a 2nd full round of every color?

no, i haven’t forgotten all the other projects i’m working on… but while they’re all happening, my brain is muddling for using up some thick/thin fall color yarn with a metallic thread throughout. i don’t have much of it, so was thinking about incorporating it every 3rd or 4th round.

if i want to do a jogless stripe, i work with MC for 1 round, and then when starting the 2nd round, i slip the 1st stitch… and then it sort of works itself out, and blocking helps work it out even more afterwards. that i get.

but what if after that i only want to do 1 round of the CC (in this case the ‘special’ yarn)? would i work 1 round, and then stop, or work 1 round and then slip the 1st stitch of what would be the 2nd round… but not actually keep going with CC. instead start the 2nd stitch in MC, with a float on the back…? how do i keep 1 round of a CC still jogless, i guess is my question.

yes, i will have to swatch, and play with it in person, but i thought maybe somebody’s already done the harder part of the legwork for me… anyone? :wink:

See if the technique called barberpole stripes might work. This site combines TechKnitter and Eunny Jang with the added bonus that you get to see Eunny knit—fast.

You can watch the entire video or skip to about 5:30 min.

hmm… hadn’t thought about that. i did the helical/barber pole stripes for a pair of socks… 3 colors, one round high of each, around and around… so it should work the same if i do 2/3 around in the main color, 1/3 around in CC, or 3/4 and 1/4, etc. thanks for the reminder, i’ll give that a try! :wink:

I had just seen something with this the other day. Had to go find it again, though.

She came up with a variation of the slipped stitch method for her socks. There is a double-slipped stitch involved, which could change the stretch and size of a large garment, but works fine for something small like socks or a hat.

Dude who knits has a different variation that kind of combines the slipped stitch one with the knit into the stitch below one.

you are awesome! i love when there’s a technique that matches what i’m cobbling together in my head. also, saw ‘the joy of sox’ that’s mentioned at knitsnpurlsworld, at a local craft store that’s going out of biz. should have picked it up - i might have already known this technique by now! :wink:

lewister, both are great links. Thanks!