Jogless stripes in round pix

As prev said, first pix front and second pix horror

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Knitting in the round is a spiral which is why you can keep going without stopping. You simply cannot avoid it unless you do solid colors. As you’ve seen I don’t often knit solid colors. Sometimes the join area looks good sometimes not so much. I send them to charity anyway. They need warmth not perfection. :slight_smile:

One thing I’ve learned is single row stripes don’t have this problem. You just drop the old color and start knitting with the alternate color. Don’t cross or twist them just start knitting. It’s kind of amazing. Another method is helix stripes. More fiddly and the yarns can tangle, but they are very cool. I’ve done up to 5 colors in helix stripes, but you could do it with only two if you choose.

Here are some links - The first is the first part of a couple jogless methods -

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More helix stripes - video this time