Jogless Join

Okay, with a few heads together here (previous post on color change) I searched for Jogless Join…the one done by Meg Swanson looks awesome…HOW DO I PICK UP A STITCH IN THE ROW BENEATH THE ONE I AM ON? Thanks

I think it will make sense when you try it. Honestly! :slight_smile: Just insert your right-hand needle into the stitch below the next stitch on your left-hand needle, pick up the loop, slip it onto the tip of your left-hand needle, and k2tog. When you pick it up, you’ll insert you needle into the stitch from the purl side, with your needle tip coming out through the middle of the “V” of the knit side.

Did that make any sense?


This technique is also known as the KRL increase. However, in this case you knit the stitch together with the other stitch not separately (so no increase).