Jogless jog for flat knitting?

is there a jogless jog for flat knitting? or any other techniques to disguise the colour misalignment?


hrmm…what kind of misalignment are you experiencing in your flat knitting?

If you are doing stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row) you will always get overlapping loops at the colour switches on the wrong side, is that what you’re referring to???

i notice that when i start a stripe at the end of the first row the old colour has jumped up and on the last row te new colour has jumped into the next row…this happens with any stitch i do…
any suggestions?

Are you slipping the first stitch?

yes i have on this particular piece of knitting but i also have the same problem without slipping

Instruction on jogless jog at:

Works for all stripes, not just socks!

thanks thats what i needed to know also slipping the first stitch has affected the stripe too.