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:heart: thanks Sara! :heart:

I hope to go to see them in about a month, time and money permitting.
on my mom’s side of the family, there are only 4 grandkids (my brother, me, Garrett [this baby’s dad], and Brad, Garrett’s brother). out of all of us, Garrett is the only one with kids. since these 2 little angels are the only Next Gens, I try to see them as much as I can.
her chubby mooshy squooshy cheeks crack me up! :cheering:

Awww! Precious little face! :heart:

:slight_smile: thanks jenn! :slight_smile:

whoa, long time no blog.

I’m still working on socks. Tofutsies is pretty splitty :frowning: while knitting, but I love the way the socks feel on my feet.

CV’s ankle is getting better, I guess. last Dr visit was July 5 and next one is Aug 17. this cast comes off that day and I guess he’ll get a “walking cast” and go to PT. I’m still doing all the driving and most of the house stuff.

spawn got asked out on a date. I’m like :zombie:… I don’t think anything has been planned, but they hang out together at Boys and Girls Club (he’s staying at his mom’s in Palm Springs for a couple more weeks). we haven’t met her since he’s out of town. he says this girl is cute and has nice body :zombie:… glad he’s talking to us about this and I hope he continues to, but still… omg… the little s** is growing up… aiii… :think:

been making socks socks socks. too lazy to take pics right now. I’ll try to muster up the energy tomorrow.

Tofutsies is splitty while knitting. I :heart: the way these socks feel on my feet tho. also, the label recommends size 2… I used a 2.25mm 1, and even that produced a fabric that’s a tad too holey-for my liking. but the FO is comfty.

Socks That Rock lightweight superwash merino is super comfty. cushy, scrunchable, soft and snuggly. if you haven’t tried STR yet, what are you waiting for?! :cool:

after using KP DPNs, I cannot use my bamboo or birch! too slow and sticky! :cheering:I :heart: the KP DPNs! :cheering:

my 2nd pair of Lorna’s Shepherd came out fraternal. the striping on one has a slower, wider sequence, yeah, I’m bummed, but I’m still going to wear them.

now I’m making some Regia Bamboo Color socks for my friend Jen who so kindly out of the blue made and sent me notecards, and socks for both my mom (Regia Silk, Lana Grossa Meilenweit Trend) and dad (Regia Multi Effekt, Regia Jacquard).

CV’s ankle is a lot better.

Dyl comes home in a week. then we start the lovely tasks of buying him school supplies, clothes, a watch, and maybe a cel phone (hugangous maybe, I’m not convinced he needs one quite yet). he turned 14 yesterday and for his present, his mom took him to the Giants-Padres game. we tried to spot him on TV. he start high school on the 27th. he can’t participate at TKD yet (Drs. will clear, or not clear him for normal activity in the Oct-Nov timeframe after another angiogram), but the owner invited him to teach the 4-6 year olds, just to stay in the swing of things and keep the school philosophy and code of conduct in his head.

L to R: LL Shepherd in Lakeview (they’re pretty fuzzy 'cuz I wear them at least 1x/wk), STR lw sw in January One, Tofutsies 723, and LL Shepherd in Mountain Lake.

and another Vintage Bubble Bag in Kureyon 188 and 220 9454.

Wowee zounds, look at all your pretty socks! They look great! :cheering:

Oh, that’s great about the TKD! Teaching is a fabulous activity for kids Dyl’s age. My DD taught ballroom dance, and it gave her a sense of responsibility and (maybe a little) more maturity.:teehee:

And the cell phone is probably a good idea, too. When they hit high school, their schedules become more hectic, and the phone may be a big help for both you and him. But be prepared for overage charges the first month if you have a shared plan.:roll::doh: DD went over our first month, and I had to sit down and speak VERY. SLOWLY. AND. LOUDLY. about cell phone usage. And then I got my mom added to our plan and I had to do it again.:roflhard: But it was only the first month, and neither of them have done it again. Whew.

Nice sockses!:heart:

thank you Anree and Sara :heart: :). I took a break from socks yesterday and started an Alison’s Scarf using 2 colors of Plymouth Boku that I forgot I had in my stash (gotta :heart: Stash Surprises!). but after tugging on superstrong sock yarn for like, months, I broke the Boku twice. argh. just like Karaoke and Kureyon, it’s gorgeous yet fragile.:-x

the hesitation about the phone: Dylan’s not exactly a responsible and truthful child. at age 13 he still couldn’t wear a watch for more than a month - he’d lose it, or give it away, or whatever. carrying money - ugh, don’t get me started on his handling of money. so a cel phone - actually being able to hold on to it, and obeying school rules about usage (as in, not allowed) - umm, we’ll have to think about that one. unless he miraculously matured :roflhard: in the last 7 weeks while away from home :roflhard:, I don’t think he’s quite ready for a phone. we’ll see how his school schedule and my work schedule interact with each other. I have to sit down with my boss and talk about rearranging my schedule.

thanks to inspiration from the lovely redheadrachel, I inserted a 4 stitch left twist cable running down the front of the Regia Bamboo socks for Jen. :heart:

nothing much else new here.
hopefully CV’s cast comes off today and PT will start soon.
I’m still adjusting to having a child in the house again, and getting ready for the new school year. I have yet to look into a phone for him.

long time no post. I’ve been busy, and tired.

we got a new kitty last Wed through a shelter and foster mama. he name is Gabby and I think she’s about 13-16 weeks old. needless to say, she doesn’t really let me knit in peace :eyes:

Dyl gets up at 0545 to catch an 0648 public bus to school. I’m up earlier than him. so far high school is ok for him. he catches the bus home too. so far he’s handling that ok. we haven’t gotten him a phone yet.
CV is driving! he started driving Monday night!!! :cheering::woohoo: it’s a little painful, but he manages ok. at least now he can drive himself to and from work. he started PT yesterday and will be doing exercises at home. she taought him to to gently put the front of his foot down when using the crutches, to get over the mental block of actually placing his foot on the ground.

happy labor day, everyone! :heart::hug:

nothing going on today for me. maybe I’ll clean house a little bit. the next 5 weeks at work are going to be incredibly hectic due to special classes and events so I’m going to try to relax today.

Oooo kittens! Share a picture if you can! :inlove:

here ya go, Jan :heart:. thanks for asking!

these pics are from the shelter site. I have tons on my phone that I haven’t DLd yet. she’s now a few (3 maybe?) weeks older than when these were taken:

she’s a bundle of endless energy. my older kitty is doing well with her. I wouldn’t call them friends, but she’s becoming more and more patient each day with the little spazz.

Cute! My older cat was a bit iffy when we got a new kitten, but now they’re best of friends. It’s so much fun to watch the sedate older cat romping around the house with the baby.

:slight_smile: thank you Ingy! :slight_smile:

Awwwww! She’s adorable! Love that little mustache she’s got! :teehee:

My 16 yr old cat never did learn to get along with my daughter’s kitten. The kitten is now a little over a year old and we have to switch them from being out to being locked in a bedroom. :doh:

thank you Jan! :heart: I think, and hope, that big kitty is slowly getting used to her. now big kitty actually approaches Gabby and tentatively sniffs her nose. but as soon as Gabby lies down on her back to assume the “submissive” position, big kitty growls and tries to smack her. but overall I think they’re getting better together. last night I saw them relaxing less than a foot apart for more than 15 minutes. big kitty also chases Gabby now, to play.

wow, it’s actually overcast this morning. good knitting and sleeping weather. I should go back to sleep, because I’m too sleepy to knit. but every time I plan on this, I can never fall asleep.

Awww babycat! :heart: I want one!

Hey Jod. Just came in here to see what you’re up to. :slight_smile:

k4bb! :hug:hello! :heart: