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:heart: thank you IrishKnitter. :heart:


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Oh my gosh! My prayers go out for Dyl and your family!

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:heart: thank you brownishcoat and Sara :heart:

he’s doing much better than the doctors expected and may be released tomorrow or Wednesday. he’s out of bed, watching tv and playing on the computer. he’s eating normal meals and is completely off his IV solution and all IV meds. I’m about to go back up there now (just came home to get clean clothes for CV).


That’s great news! :cheering:


we’re home. he was released yesterday. since we already got the hotel room for another night, we all stayed in it. we got home today around noon.

no diet restrictions.
activity: he cannot run, jump, exert himself, strain, lift, or do anything that can result in a fall or a blow to the head at least until his followup angiogram. so basically no TKD and PE for a while.
followup angiogram tentatively scheduled for 6 months from now.
long term: cannot tell yet.
he cannot take his ADHD meds anymore, due to the stimulant properties, which might aggravate his condition.
he’ll be out of school until the 14th, but that’s our call. the Dr. just said “1-2 weeks”.

my friend Kathy has so generously offered to fly out from Denver, stay at my house, and telecommute next week so she can watch him while we go back to work.
tentatively I plan to work mornings next week in the office and telecommute in the afternoons.

San Francisco is a gorgeous, fun, diverse city. I loved staying there. I’m also really glad he was treated at UCSF instead of Kaiser. a longtime friend - we were once very close - is a doctor at UCSF (though not in neurology he knows a lot about the procedure, the benefits, and the recuperation) and I am so thankful I got to talk with him on Monday. nice to hear a voice I recognize breaking it all down for me and explaining in a way I understand.

:heart: thank you all for your concern :heart:


I’m glad he’s home! :hug:

Does he like to read?


:heart: thanks Sara! :heart:

yes, he likes to read.


Any genre or authors in particular? I could send him a pressie, if that’s okay with you and his dad.

ETA: Maybe a gift certificate would be better. :thinking:


:hug: aw Sara, that is soooooo sweet :heart: of you! :heart: but no thank you, need for presents. we really do appreciate the gesture though! :heart:
he has a few unread books, he just discovered Stephen King a few months ago, and is reading some of my stuff. this will also light a fire under our butts to make use of his public library card. again, thank you Sara :heart: for thinking of us in such a generous way. :heart:


:hug: Jod!


:heart: Hild!!! :heart:


all is going pretty well. he’s doing his make-up schoolwork without reminders from us, and I think is getting bored, but when I ask him if he’s missing school, he quickly says, “NO!!!” :roflhard: (of course).
Kath is spoiling all of us with her cooking and cleaning skills. :heart:
I’m telecommuting today.


Jodi -

I hope all is well and that you all are doing ok! :muah:

Sorry, but I choose you to TAG!

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The rules are as follows:
Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write in their blogs the 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

  1. 2 days ago, I put “product” (mousse) in my hair for the first time in 3 years. I was a little underwhelmed.

  2. I’ve always wanted purple plush carpet in my room. not violet, not plum, but that perfect rich royal shade of purple. oh yeah, and a matching white bedspread with teeny purple flowers on it spaced kinda far apart for the cool abstract look. :happydancing:

  3. I :heart: salt licorice. the saltier, the better.

  4. I went to the Bazaar Bizarre yesterday, which is part of the Maker Faire. I want to go back today. I bought a skull and knitting needles t shirt from craftster and candles from i melt with you.

  5. can’t afford it but we hope to have a baby before we’re 40 (we have less than 4 years). it will be a nice wild ride getting Dyl out of the house and off to college (he will be 18 in 2011) and being pregnant or ttc or taking care of a newborn. :roflhard::passedout:

  6. I’m going to be in a wedding (my first time in a wedding party) next March.

  7. I have a serious craving right now for Burger King onion rings.

I don’t know who to tag. seems everyone’s already been tagged. oh wait, I think I found someone - Dreamweaver (April)!


thanks Lisa! :heart:

his first week of school went pretty well. I talked with his teachers and they said he’s adjusting fine. he has 3 weeks of instruction left this year.

got my hair cut on Friday. it was my first salon cut in 2 years. the stylist was recommended to me by a really picky friend (she styles his hair and his wife and daughter’s, too), so I know I could trust her with my hard to deal with Asian hair. I got long layers all around with a chunky, piece-y bottom. my hair has a natural wave that she managed to work pretty well with. she suggested mousse on the bottom and applied it for me but idk what I think yet. I bought some, and have to experiment a little.


Jodi -

I’m glad things are going well! That is good news!!!

Where are pics of that new hair do???

I loved your 7 random facts - I’m intrigued by the salt licorice - I’ve never heard of that?! :think:

I’m also happy that enjoyed being tagged by me! :happydance:


salt licorice links: I don’t care for black licorice but I :heart: this stuff!

pics to come as soon as I can put on some makeup and a less grubby t shirt! :rofl:


I absolutely HATE licorice, but you know I’m going to try this if I ever get the chance. I may have to make a detour down into PA to the store that blogger mentions. :teehee:

I want to see the haid!! :poke: I need to do something with my hard-to-deal-with Northern European hair.:rollseyes: It’s past time. I hope my stylist gets back to work soon. She had her 2nd hip replacement. I feel guilty for wishing her back to work.:oops:


hey Sara! :hug::heart:
no pics of the haid yet. I’ll try to do some this week… you ladies need to bug me…

I don’t want a style that needs upkeep every 6 weeks and tons of product and styling time every day. I knew my friend Denny’s wife has hair similar to mine (though a little thicker), and I got lucky that Francisca knew what she was doing. but time will tell how this grows out. I have a feeling as it all gets longer the layers will do some weird things. she said I dont’ need to make another appt for 2 months, but we’ll see.
good luck with your haid! :heart: try to get a recommendation for a stylist from someone with hauir texture and cut, if you can, similar to yours.

ahh, salt licorice… if you can find some online, I wouldn’t bother with a special trip out of town for it. I prefer the double salt over the regular salt type, but if you get a chance, try both. I don’t care for and never cared for black licorice, but the salt makes it good… I’m weird, I love salt, perhaps in a previous life I was an animal in love with a salt lick. :shifty::shock::shrug: