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I bought 2 of each size options tips so I could use 2 circs for any small diameter knitting I need to do. :teehee: I can use dpn’s, but I find 2 circs easier, especially with the options. Just keep at it, you’ll get the hang of it soon!! :hug:


How is the war going?


I love the new title of your blog. You know - I take back my little high horse statement. I can’t do ANYTHING on DPN’s. Or rather, I’d rather NOT rib on DPN’s, is what I realized. Since I’m not well for a bunch of roll cuff socks (say THAT three times fast :shock: ) I’m looking into the possibility of scoring some 8 inch circs. What I’m hoping is that I can cast on to those, do the ribbing on them (I’ve worked out the stitch to inch ratio and I think it would work on 8 inchers - my math sucks tho, so that still remains to be seen) and then switch to DPNs for the balance.

We’ll see.

Fight…er…I mean, KNIT ON! :smiley:

thanks Lisa, JLC, and k4bb! :heart:


I think the gaps are happening when I end on one needle with a K and start the new needle with a P. P-ing (peeing :rofl: ?) is hard for me to do tightly so I have a hard time closing that gap. I moved a few stitches around so I could start each needle with Ks, and I think it worked. :?eyebrow:

I’m about to start “The Heel, part two”.

Stitches West in 9 days! will $300 for a Lady B and Kureyon for Lizard Ridge mysteriously fall into my lap? :pray:


I wanted to go to the one in NC, but I fear I just won’t have the funds this year. I’ll have to see if I’m better off by summer. I’m considering Meg Swanson’s knitting camp.

If not, I’m going to one of these camps next year for SURE. Maybe Madrona? We’ll see.

Jody, Jody she’s our girl! She’ll beat those ladders, even PURLS! :smiley:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Jodi - try a slight tug after you do the first stitch… that might help too!

thanks for the tip, Lisa :heart:! oh yes do I ever tug. I tug so hard I’m afraid I’m gonna break the yarn! :oops:

k4bb: it’s not Camp Stitches, it’s the Stitches show market that I’m going to wander, after paying a small admission fee. omg Camp Stitches, I wish. Asilomar is gorgeous and has the perfect foggy sea air climate for knitting!

some progress pics of the sock:
the 2 with Dyl holding it were taken 2 days ago. the one on the couch was taken this morning. I’m just a few rows from finishing/Kitchenering.
I decided I’m going to try hard to pick a skein that will make the second sock 's color transitions not match the first. I’d rather have that than have it look like I tried to match the color transitions perfectly but failed.

funny story:
last night we went to Borders because 1) for once I actually printed my coupon (well actually I got the coupon in my gmail on Friday and since I wasn’t at work and I’ve been neglecting the ink in my home printer, I mailed it to J and asked him to print it for me), and 2) we ate at P.F. Chang’s, which shares a parking lot with Borders. as usual J and I wandered separately and as usual every so often I looked for him.

I found him by the automotive books. he handed me a VW MkIII/IV repair/tuning book. I was happy to see that someone finally came out with a MkIV related book. I glanced at it, briefly leafed through it, and had him put it back (he got it from the top shelf and I couldn’t reach). he said, “there’s a lot of .:R32 stuff in it.”. I was like, “really?!?! I wanna see again. can you please get it down for me?”.

when he handed it to me, I looked at the cover closely, since I knew from briefly glancing over the cover before that there was a silver MkIV hatchback in the main picture, thinking, and hoping, that it might be an .:R. I noticed an ND banner on the windshield. I had a quick snowball thought succession…
“NDmarkfourGTisinceheworkedtherefrom2001to2004there’sachancehemighthave tunedthiscaroratleastknowsaboutthiscarOHS***THAT’SHIMDRIVING!!!”. the pic was from a 2003 (or was it 2004?) photoshoot above Livermore for European Car mag that featured a customer’s turboed MkIV GTi VR6.

(*edited to add: HE had NO IDEA he was on that cover. he didn’t even look at that pic. he looked closely at the pic on the bottom before he put it back. after I told him, it was SO FUNNY to see him trying to act all cool about it, like he wasn’t happy.)

so altho I really want to save money for Stitches, I just had to buy the book. poor pic, it’s the best I could do at 0745 this morning without a scanner here.

Are you saying that its DYL driving the car??? How COOL is that??

Your sock is LOVELY! I love the colors! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

thanks KK! :heart: this poor neglected yarn has been in my stash for almost a year. I wasn’t happy with the way some scarves turned out, so I put it away. I wanted to do Silver’s tutorial, and the yarn has found her niche! :slight_smile:

yes! it’s the spousal unit J (Jason, or Cat Vacuumer, or CV) that’s driving! :slight_smile:

went to the Stitches Market on Friday. LOTS better than going on the Saturday like we always did. Friday was less crowded, I had more energy, and it was an overall better experience.

I bought a Lexie Barnes “Flo” from dreamweaveryarns, 5" size 3 Brittany DPNs and 1 skein of Trekking XXL color 28 I think from Village Spinning and Weaving . I had exactly $100 to spend and I spent $108. I still can’t believe I restrained myself.

Kath bought this cool black beaded yarn from Angora Cottage and asked me to make her a scarf, so I’m working on a skinny feather and fan pattern for her.

all in all it was a great experience.

stitches haul. I need to take pics of the Angora Cottage beaded yarn too.

k4bb!!! :cheering: the 5" Brittany DPNs are awesome!!! thank you for the tip!!! I got the size 3 set at Stitches, then on Sunday bought a 1.5 and a 2.5 set from commuknity.

I finished my 2nd Silver sock! :smiley: I started another with the Trekking. I’ll make this one a taller sock, but not by much. I have total cankles, so socks with tall ribbed areas look like absolute s*** on me. I :heart: this colorway, it reminds me of the Big Island, where I grew up - black/brown lava fields, bright neon orange/pink/purple/red flowers, dark olive green foresty areas, and the dark blue/green ocean.

I’m still in total :heart: with my Lexie Barnes… I want to take it everywhere, and I want more more more!!! the Sweetpea bags are perfect and will fit nicely in my Flo. the Darling and the Gem bags are super cute too… sigh

commuknity just called me to say they are not ordering size 1 and 2 Brittany 5" DPNs anymore because they break. :frowning:

pics of finished first pair of socks and start of the tropical sock:

…but Clover makes 5" bamboo DPNs!!! :cheering: I have size 1s on order at Purlescence. today I bought size 0 and 2, some Trekking XXL in color 78, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in color “Lakeview”, and an Electronic Row Counter. was gonna get the Row Counter Plus, but thought, nah…

:heart: I love yarn store therapy :heart:

yarns from Sunday 3/11 and Sunday 3/18:
Kureyon 188 and 220 (for another bubble bag), Trekking, and Shepherd Sock.

:heart: I love all 3 Stitchionaries!!! :heart:

Your sockies and sock yarn all looks beautiful!!! :inlove:

thanks Andrea! :heart: :slight_smile:

I like the Clover 5" bamboo DPNs better than the Brittany 5" birch DPNs. the yarn slides over the bamboo much easier than it does over the birch.

sock progress pics later.