Jodstr2's blahg

OMG a Whopper. It figures I would read that when I skipped lunch and am pretty hungry. Good thing I won’t have time to stop on my way home. I’ve got 8 more lbs to go before I will allow myself to go buy smaller clothes. Hurry up 8 lbs. :teehee:

I keep something I can snack on in my bag at all times, because I find that when I am hungry and have nothing to eat, that is when I do stupid things like walk into the teacher’s lounge, which is always packed with cookes and doughnuts. :shrug: 90 calorie snack bars, and 60 calorie yogurts I keep in my classroom all the time.

Good for you for eating better. When you feel the difference, it makes it a lot easier, no?

good luck JLC!!! you can do it!!! :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

thanks!!! :heart: yep, best to arm myself so I don’t give in to the vending machines or the yummy baked goods downstairs in the caf!

yay! I’m fair isling… the We Call Them Pirates hat is emerging. I’m using RYC (Rowan) Cashsoft 4 ply. I didn’t do the cast on called for in the pattern (I did a regular “knit on” style cast on instead) and haven’t decided if I’m going to line it. I really suck at DPNs (call me Queen of Laddering), so I haven’t decided if I’m going to Magic Loop the decreasing/end of the hat or try to conquer DPNing. I hope to finish it today.

Jodi - i love that hat and especially love those color choices! :heart:

thanks Lisa! :heart: I can’t take the credit for the colors tho - my friend Ally, who I made the illusion scarf for - picked out the colors, and I had this yarn left over from that scarf.

:roflhard: I just noticed the ONE area I made 2 mistakes in is showing front and center in that pic :roflhard:

How are you finding the stranding Jod? I have DPN’s down now. I wish we could switch newly acquired skills! :pout: :teehee:

I do have a suggestion though. Try shorter needles…6 or 5 inch one (Crystal Palace and Brittany make some, I think…I got some generic ones on ebay all in a set). Worked like a charm for me. And try just going round and round in stockinette for a few rounds. The mechanics of it becomes CRYSTAL clear when you do. The trick is to keep the needle you last worked off behind the new one you’re working from and your new working needle. :wink:

I feel like I could do anything on DPNs now… :happydance:

realizes what I’ve said and waits to be blighted by the knitting goddess…lights incense, offers fruit, and quakes in fear

stranding wasn’t too hard - spreading the stitches on the right needle apart, keeping a nice gentle tension on the yarn the next time I pick it up, as well as catching the unused color B in the back of the middle stitch if I’m going to have a run of 5 stitches or more in color A - has seemed to work ok for me.

I finished that hat, and used Magic Loop to close it up. I really want to conquer DPNs for small circumferences, but every time I get to that point, I hate it. shorter DPNs sound good. thanks for the tip :heart:! maybe I’ll invest in a set when i hit the Stitches market.

I’m working on another WCTP hat for my friend Darren, but this one will just have the bottom border, one set of skulls, and nothing else.

So it’ll be more like a headband? :rofl:

:roflhard: hahahahahaha!!! :roflhard:
I can see how my description sounds like a headband!
I meant to say, it’ll have the bottom border, a set of skulls, and just plain one color for the rest of the hat all the way to the top.

pirates v.2 is done!

V.2 looks great, and very much like a non-headband! :cheering:

:teehee: :heart: :heart: :heart:

thanks brownishcoat! :heart:
I like v.2 better than the original. I might have to make another v.2 for me after I make the one I promised my kid.

:heart: :heart: :heart:

I like them both!!!

thanks Lisa! :heart:

am just farting around with stash yarn since I can’t buy anything right now.
I finished a triangular neckerchief thing (based on the triangular scarf in Last Minute Knitted Gifts) out of Brown Sheep Handpainted, but I think it looks weird so I’m going to frog it. however, it’s so fuzzy, I doubt it’ll frog well.
I’m hoping to scrape together the fundage to get Kureyon at Stitches West in 2 weeks to make a Lizard Ridge.
I also plan to buy some KP Telemark to make Dylan a Pirates hat. I’m looking at Options, too. I don’t have any size 0, 1,or 2 needles. I also need longer circs to do more magic loop.

I don’t know how to do the magic loop - maybe that is something I should try.

I love those hats and want to make one too~! Those colors are just great!

I am on a yarn diet as well - so I feel your pain! I hope you do scrape up enough! It is always fun to buy something at the Stitches!

I love it!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

thanks Andrea! :heart:

Lisa - go for it! after drooling over that hat for a while I decided to finally do it! as for magic loop - I learned it 'cuz I suck at DPNs. and yeah, going to Stitches and not buying anything would be sheer unbuffered self torture, so I gotta figure something out.

ok, I decided I am going to let my DPNs know who is boss. I’m using Silver’s Sock Tutorial and am about 4 rows into the ribbing. there are !@#$%^&* gaps at every transition tho, and I’m trying hard not to let them piss me off.