Jodstr2's blahg


Lace is FUN!!! Cant wait to see it!! :cheering:


thx KK :heart: pics to come soon.

the yo K2tog scarf I wanted to make for Joy didn’t work. I couldn’t make it work. so I just sent her the hat.

I’m savoring every second of the Branching Out, and I want to make more. one in blue for Nana, one in grey for mom, one in a purple for Auntie. sigh someday.


Are there progress pics of this Branching Out that you are enjoying so much??


not yet. I’ll try to take some and post this evening.


here it is, with the nosey kitty.


Kittttttttty :inlove:

:inlove: Pretty scarf too! I have my yarn for that, just a matter of when I’m going to sit down and do it!!

Ok, I’ve been looking back in your blog, what does .:R mean?




:hug: thank you ladies! :heart:

Andrea - the .:R is the symbol for Volkswagen Racing.

I love this scarf, but it does take concentration. I lost my place countless times when I was too into Grey’s Anatomy or Ultimate Fighting stuff on tv. but if I just throw in an Ursula 1000 or Thievery or something like that kind of CD, I do okay.


Ahhhh thank you!!


SOOOOOOOOOO pretty, Jod!!! :cheering:


Jodi, that is gorgeous!! :inlove: :inlove:

And lookie, kitty help! I get a lot of that myself :wink:


:hug: thanks KK and Angelia! :heart:


sigh CV leaves sometime tonight for Vegas (they’re driving) to attend a trade show :(. he’ll be back next Sat or Sun. they have to be there by 0900 tom’w to get the car parked (they’re showing a customer car, which he’s still working on, which is why he hasn’t come home to pack yet :(). I hate it when he does these long drives at night with hardly any sleep the night before. this drive will take about 8 hours barring any trouble. he did this in July to Fontana (they left at 2245 and got there at like 0530) and I didn’t sleep a wink all night and had a migraine from worrying :(. he attends this show every year (this is his 6th year) and I get to single parent for a week.

went to the new LYS, Purlescence. this store opened on Oct 14. it’s only 5 min from work and 10 min from my house. gotta love that. I finally was able to go on the 20th, and went as a reward to myself after my dentist appt. I got Classic Elite Wool Bam Boo for Branching Outs for Mom and Nana. I love the shinyness. I looked at all kinds of stuff about the same thickness and weight, but kept coming back to this. I haven’t decided who gets what color.


Because of your inspiration with that beautiful Branching Out, I bought two different shades of red to make two of them! :hug:


:blush: omg, I inspired someone?!?!?!? me?!??!?! :blush:
:heart: wow!!! thanks so much, Sara!!! :heart:

bound off this one last night. have to weave in the ends today. don’t know if, or when, I’m going to block it.
the KP Gloss is awesome. perhaps soon they’ll add more colors.

struggling with the Wool Bam Boo and this pattern right now. since it’s dk, I’m using size 8s, but I think this will make it too wide. :??
or maybe it’s just that I’m used to the look of the size 7s with fingering. :??
I’m afraid if I go down any needle size, it’ll be too tight, the scarf will be stiff, and the leafies won’t show nicely. :??

I’ll play around with it more today. I can relax now. knitting on the couch with “Old School” in the DVD player sounds good. CV came home at 2300, packed, ate dinner, and left at 0000. he called me at 0830 to tell me they made it down there just fine, they checked in to the Strat, the car is detailed, and they’re waiting in a hugangous line to park it in the show area.


OOOOH, JOD!! Nice haul! I bet that bamboo in the wool makes for a NICE SOFTY SOFT yarn!!

Glad your huney made it okay!!


:heart: thank you KK!!! :heart:

:heart: :heart: :heart: I LOVE THIS “EXTRA HOUR SUNDAY” :heart: :heart: :heart:

ok, forget Old School, spawn asked if he could play 360 and I said yes, since he just got done being grounded, so I might knit and watch him play Ghost Recon :roflhard: .


argh. bought TONS of candy since we always run out. now I have over half of my haul left. hard to tell tho, since we moved and this is our first Halloween in this house. but this is a busier, more visible street with more houses :shrug:. oh well, the ones that did come to our door got at least 10 candies each :happydance:. maybe my lights were too dim. I replaced both lightbulbs outside with black light bulbs which barely lit anything. but I had tea lights in blue glasses going all over the place to beckon the sweet-toothed. oh well. I will shower candy on my coworkers tomorrow.

telecommuting today since the spawn doesn’t have school.

it’s finally cold enough to turn the heater on.

restarted the grey Branching Out last night. now I’m ultrasuperparanoid I’ll tangle the 2nd skein.

*edit: spelling


:heart: CV bought me a new teeny tiny fridge magnet sized Shuffle! :heart:

I MUST knit a cozy for it, because it will get seriously abused in my purse.

this will probably be the quickest knit ever, that is, after I figure out a design.


what is a shuffle??