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Wow, Jodi, you’ve been in a knittin’ frenzy! I love that chevron scarf, and the illusion scarf is really cool!! Everything is gorgeous!! :notworthy:


thanks Angelia! :heart:

I forgot one: Karaoke in mistake rib. it blends in to my couch fabric. that’s what taking these at 0715 this morning will do. :roflhard:


Everything is gorgeous! You have great taste in yarn, I’ll say that! :inlove: :inlove: That illusion scarf is phenomenal!


Mmmmmm…Karaoke!! Even blending into the couch, its loveliness still shows!! :inlove:


thanks Ingy and Angelia! :heart:

now I’m looking for other things to chart. the .:R symbol in my avatar is on top of my list, but I’ve yet to find a good image of it. this technique is a pain to chart, and takes long to knit. hopefully I’ll go faster once I become more proficient at reading the chart and/or maybe hone my chart skillz such as choosing the right knitters’ graph paper and using pen instead of pencil for the lines. because each raised purl bump line really is made up of 4 lines, images tend to be elongated in the FO. I can eliminate that by cutting out alternating parts of the image, but I have yet to work on that.


I wouldn’t even know where to begin! :notworthy:


I can only follow patterns in illusion knitting…I cannot even imagine creating a pattern of my own! :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:


What great pictures - you have been BUSY!!! That illusion scarf is amazing! :notworthy:


:oops: thanks ladies!!! :heart:

am trying to compile a quick n dirty knitting log of sorts off the top o my head. this time I’m jotting it in a Word doc saved to my desktop. I never did find the notebook I lost in Feb.

I think I found a useable .:R logo online!!! :woot:


:cheering: she finally crawled in it by itself! :cheering:
funny tho, how she only did this after I gave her the other bed! :??


She looks just like my Ava. Glad she likes the new bed.


thanks Ingy :smiley: but it’s the old bed she likes. hasn’t even batted an eyelash at the new bed yet. maybe it smells too sheepy and Eucalany for her.

I really really REEEEALLY want to make Lizard Ridge and Klaralund. for both I will need, err, a CRAPLOAD of Kureyon. woolneedlework will calculate to be only $7.37 per skein if I do express mail. :zombie: :?.
sigh why do I torture myself like this… :whoosh: :doh:


Wear it to bed and/or sleep on it for a couple of nights. Then it’ll smell like you. :teehee:


:cheering: :thumbsup: seriously! about 10 yrs ago, when I had my other kitty, a friend told us that we could get him to use the scratching post more if we rubbed our dirty underwear on it :shifty: :roflhard:, which would’ve probably worked, if not made my kitty pass out :ick: :lol:.


Kitties are all about the smells, I tell ya! One of our cats used to wake me up by licking my hair. :teehee: Something about that oil that accumulates during the day and while you’re sleeping.


LOL brownishcoat. my ex-MIL’s kitty used to knead in her hair! :smiley:

:cheering: spoiled picky brat is using the new Kitty Pi, with some encouragement (human placement in sun beams) :cheering:

Decepticon is done.
finished 2 more Spiral Lace Hats using leftover KPPPM.
moving slowly on Dyl’s clogs.
tunic has been ignored for what feels like weeks.
KnitPicks Gloss in Burgundy and a bunch of color cards should arrive tomorrow. I’m making a Spiral Lace Hat with the Gloss for sista Joy.

I survived my dentist appointment on Sep 14. I won’t say how long :oops: it had been since my last visit :oops: but the fact that I had no cavities as well as reasonably healthy gums is shocking.

Dyl has started taking leadership training seminars at TKD and is enjoying them.
FIL bought him a really cool punching/kicking floor-standing bag for practice.
he should (barring any screwups in school or bad behavior at home) test for blue belt on Oct 27.

watched Season 2 Disc 1 of Grey’s on Friday. 5 (I think) more discs to go. I’ll be watching Season 3 on Thursdays alongside catching up on Season 2.

other than that, business as usual around here…


clogs are done. I told myself I wasn’t allowed to touch Joy’s hat until I finished the clogs, so I finished them yesterday.

I think I’ll make Joy a matching yo k2tog scarf to go with the hat.

the tunic is still collecting dust.


HI JOD!!! :waving: :muah:



:muah: :heart: :hug: :heart: :muah:

thanks for stopping by!!! :cheering: :happydance:


:heart: I’m about 8 repeats into Branching Out and I LOVE THIS SCARF!!! :heart: