Job interview- waiting

How do y’all deal with that anxiety after a job interview? I’ve been in the same job for five years and I’m starting to absolutely hate it.
The week before last, I interviewed for a job at the local university… and I have previously worked with all three shift supervisors, so they know I would be very good at the job.
However, I’m having trouble coping with the waiting.
Yesterday, all I could think of was that the manager said that one of my answers was the best he’s ever heard. I also got an unsolicited very positive reference from one of the supervisors, and the other was already on my list of references. :slight_smile:
However, after talking to mom earlier, now all I can think of is that it’s been nearly two weeks and I haven’t heard a word, and maybe I’ll be stuck in the job I hate and never get out. :verysad:
At my current job, they just reassigned a training class to me because their trainer ended up very sick and they were getting bounced around. This group is being very difficult, and I’m really struggling to stay positive when they so obviously don’t want to be there. I want to tell them that if they hate it so much, they can just quit… :hair:

Anyway- just figured I would get all this out of my system, so thanks for letting me :!!!:a bit. I just hate the stress of waiting when it’s something I feel I’m perfect for and I want so much…

Hoping and praying…

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I know how you feel. I was just in this same situation of waiting recently.

To keep me from being anxious, I just focused on my knitting and getting in contact/hanging out with friends that I hadn’t talked to in a few months. I also started a home improvement project (nothing major, lol) to keep my mind from wandering.

Anyway, I really hope that you get the position that you want. :slight_smile:

knit, read, surf the net, watch movies, get out of the house, and try to “avoid” the people who constantly want to bring it up (if they keep talking about it after you say that you’d rather not). basically, anything to get your mind off it. this is experience talking. :roll: have you tried giving them a call to see where they are in the hiring process? i’ve never done that before so i don’t know if that’s pushing it. but you might want to ask more experienced people if that’s something you should consider. the way i see it, it would show them that you really want the job and it’s not just that you’re willing to take it if they offer it to you.

I second the discreet inquiry from LAdy Violet. When I was applying for my job the HR part took FOREVER! Since I really wanted/ needed the job, I called the person I interviewed with twice after my interview (about 3 weeks apart) to see 1) if they felt I was qualified and 2) if there “was anything further I needed to do to further my application.”

keeping in touch with the interviewer kept me at the front of her mind, and let her know I really wanted the job. I didn’t want to hassle her, but I didn’t want to be forgotten either.

If you still have contact with any of those other shift supervisors you worked with before, would you feel comfortable asking them what they have heard about the prospects? (I’m not so good at the networking stuff, so I don’t know if I could ask that kind of thing, but every organization is different.)

hang in there, and do keep distracting yourself with things you enjoy!! (or not: I had a reallly really clean bathroom b/c scrubbing the tub was a good way to get out the frustration and anxiety of waiting…)

I would suggest sending a quick thank you note to the interviewer. Thank them for the interview, their time, and the positive responses you received from them.

It might seem outdated, but it’s nice, and will set you apart from the others.

I’ll think good thoughts towards this job and you finally getting together.

already did the thank you note and I’m in daily contact with the shift supervisors, but they haven’t even heard when the decision will be made… it’s being kept very quiet… grrr

Sometimes it can take weeks but this is topical for me as I just made a discreet enquiry about something I applied for and not heard about (and yet was given the impression I was successful). Only four days have passed but there is a tight time frame for this because of other issues so I thought it ok to make an approach.

I’ve suddenly heard 3 weeks after an application that they want an interview or indeed heard the next day. Depends on whether its a recruiter or what.

I know these recruiters aiming for international ‘benchmarks’ are sometimes actually holding back processes ridiculously. One job I know is still empty after five months which is ludicrous given the applicants were high calibre and more than capable - but the recruiter seems to think they could do better. So, the project (related to that job) just sits and sits and sits. shakes head

Ack. The waiting is the hardest part. The last time I was job hunting was when I moved to California. It took me three months to find something. :zombie: Then, I received three job offers within two days and was able to choose the one I wanted. Five miles from home with no freeway travel between there and home won, despite not offering the most money. Two of those offers came in immediately simply because I told them I had an offer and would make a decision by the end of the week whether to take it. Well… that, and because I was eminently qualified for all of them. :teehee:

Would that kind of push work for you?

I’m trying not to do anything like that yet… I want to wait a bit longer for now…

Hope you hear good news soon!

I often think it best to wait as being too eager can be misinterpreted as ‘desperate’ (which it might be LOL).

zip, I also agree on trade-offs. Someone I know was offered a filthy amount of money recently in a head hunt thing and they actually turned it down because the organisation were difficult to work for etc. Sometimes money is not the only issue and I think overall well being really important.