$ job-any takers on knitting a blanket for me?


Hello I’m on the last leg of a blanket my grandmother knitted for me 30 years ago when I was born. I have an attachment to this thing and I don’t know where I could purchase another one exactly like this. Could anyone help me with this on where to find, or I would pay good money to someone who would do the honor of sewing a blanket just like it? Thank you very much.


Hi there

First of all, this is crocheted. It’s difficult to see what the blanket looks like because I think it’s folded up in the picture. Could u post another picture after you’ve spread it out in one layer??



Hi the blanket is tattered up and about 1/5 of its original size. Thanks for your reply if you think you can help find me a blanket similar or possibly knit one would greatly appreciate!


Hi, I am a long time crocheter and I recognize the (visible) pattern as a shell stitch worked through the back loops only.

To duplicate this blanket one would need the width and the length as well as the pattern and yarn colors.

Here are two of many possible variations of the shell pattern.

Neither is a perfect match, but which one is closer to your keepsake blanket from your grandmother?