JoAnn's store

After a year of searching for a teaching job, I finally found one. Its an hour away but that ok. I just found out that Meridian (MS) is now getting a JoAnn’s store. I’ve never been in one, so KH friends, how is the store in your area. Thanks for the info.:woohoo:

We have a very large JoAnn’s and it is quite lovely, but it is pretty much all fabric and sewing supplies. Their knitting selecting is rather limited. The yarn is a decent selection(About 4 isles worth), but it is nearly all acrylic although there is some wool and even some nifty bamboo yarn. Most of the yarn is fun yarn. I.E. Yarn that would make good accessories but would look silly as a whole garment (such as Fun Fur).

There is no yarn stores in Grennwood so JoAnn’s and Michael’s are where I buy all of my yarn. My JoAnn’s may have an abnormally large amount of yarn, though because I recently traveled to a friend’s house and her local JoAnn’s had about a fourth of the yarn selection. her local store was a “JoAnn’s Etc”. Though

Mine is about the same as PurpleInk’s - mostly acrylic, limited wool & bamboos. Limited sock yarn. Probably about the same size - 4 isles, maybe 5. One isle most notions - needles, hooks, stitch markers, etc. Pretty limited needle sizes. They carry mostly 29" circs.

It depends on if you’re getting a superstore or a small store. The superstores are nice, in addition to a lot of crafty stuff, they carry a lot more yarn than the small stores.

My Joann’s is pretty cool if I’m looking for acrylic. As others have mentioned, it’s mostly the popular acrylic yarns with a few other choices thrown in. I wish we had a Hobby Lobby around here because I like their house brand best for acrylic but I just order online for that. Joann’s doesn’t carry much of a selection in the way of needles but then neither does the AC Moore or Michaels around here. They do carry a lot of fabric so if I were a sewer, I’d be all set.

JoAnn’s will be moving into a closed Old Navy store. I’m just glad Meridian is getting a craft store. Would love Hobby Lobby or Michaels–but I’m happy with what we’re getting. Thanks to all