JoAnn's emails and flyers

Has anyone tried to sign up for JoAnn’s emails and flyers lately? In the past few months I’ve tried several times, and I still get nothing. I have even emailed customer service twice and have gotten no response. :??

have you checked your spam box? At first I had the same problem until one day I noticed that it was being filtered to spam.

Hmm, maybe that’s what’s happening. I usually will notice if something is in my spam folder, but maybe something slipped by. I signed up again and will keep a closer eye on it. Thanks.

I get them all the time ! some times 2 or 3!! LOL.

I hope I can start getting them; I want those discount coupons!

At least in our local store - you don’t have to have the coupon. Just ask them to give you the discount. You’ll have to sign your name to some kind of register. Does your store have the flyers at the door? I don’t think ours does, but they’re in every-other week’s Sunday paper. The weekly flyers w/ coupon are on their site. I wonder if you can print it out and use it. :think:

I’m pretty sure you can’t find the coupons on the website - Here is the link from the most recent email.

You should also be able to sign up for the flyer w/coupon to be mailed, but I agree, gotta love the email ones.

I signed up for their emails about 3 weeks ago and just got the first one the other day. From what I’ve read on here, I thought I’d be getting tons of emails from them, but maybe they’ve changed it or something.

I signed up forever ago and haven’t heard one word. I keep re-signing up every time I go to the store and still nothing. I feel your pain LOL!!!

There are several email newsletters you can sign up for. I think the first one, in-store specials, is the only one with store coupons.

Just an update…Ifinally received an email sign-up confirmation with coupon from JoAnn’s. :happydance:

I signed up ages ago, and get them regularly. There are a number of different e-mail things with coupons.

They come out at different intervals. I heard someone say to give it 6 weeks. Apparently some are only sent out periodically and some are sent out weekly or more often (I’m sure I get them at least weekly).

So check what you’re signing up for to make sure it’s what you want–and check your spam box.