Does anyone have a promo code to use on-line at

The closest one to me is 120 miles, so I usually end up ordering on line.


They usually have a pop-up window when you go to the JoAnn homepage for any special offers. The one they have right now is an Additional 20% off coupon. It’s [B]JULSH720[/B] by the way. The link is found at the very top of the page.

You said you already order from them? Are you subscribed to their email list? If you aren’t already on their list, you should sign up. They send them at least once a week with coupon codes, some are even printable.

I just got these in the email:
AUGFSE735 for free shipping with $35 order

AUGEFSR75 for $5 shipping on any order

I’m on their email list, and get codes for various things at least once a week: sometimes for in store, sometimes for on line. definitely check the site for other codes too.

And, no matter where I’m ordering from, I always google the business name and “promotional code” to see if there’s a deal out there. you have to wade through some that might be expired, but there is almost alwyas something out there!