I know you were moving this weekend and i know it wasn’t under the best of circumstances. I hope that everything went as well as possible and that you’re doing ok…

Thinking of you…


I heard from her on another board I frequent (just labradors LOL…knitting and dogs I need to get a life!) and she got there ok on Saturday, and I think they even had a party for her!!!

Hope she peeks in on us soon! Susan phone home! (in my E.T. voice)

Aww how sweet! Hi guys!! I’m here, I’m here…just on very slow dial up!

Yep…I moved on Saturday here to Bowling Green. I’m staying at my moms for now but will be moving in with my brother downtown…maybe as early as next week. :cheering:

I’ve got a few job interviews the next couple days…nothing fantastic…just something to get started and paying bills and supporting myself…that sort of thing.

My brothers apartment is pretty cool. He’s really looking forward to having a roomate. He’s got cable dsl there…yay! But we’ll have to do something about his memory…

Glen, we’ll have to get together sometime and knit! I was in Grounds for Thought the other day drinkin some coffee and knitting and they said people are in there all the time knitting.