Jive's back

Hey guys! This is the first time I’ve been on here in months, so hello to all the new folks too. :happydance:

I’ve been so busy lately. I’m working 40 hours a week usually (waitress). I’m going to BGSU this fall and I just scheduled my classes a couple weeks ago. Yay!!! :cheering: I’m going into their Digital Art program. I’m working on getting my portfolio together for a review in October. Yikes! Ideas are starting to form though. Living here in BG is pretty cool though. I hated it at first but now I love it. Any other Bowling Green knitters here??

I just got back into knitting last week. I have a ton of yarn and I thought…hmmmmmm…I should save some money and NOT go to the bar so darn much and just chill at home knitting. And then my sister found out she was pregnant again so now I can work on knitting baby stuff. I’ve been working on my own knitting needles too.

Anyways, I’ve missed you guys. And it’s good to be back. :cheering: As far as the knitting, right now I’m just working on dishcloths since I have so much cotton. I’d really love to make the Marsupial bag from SnB but after calculating the cost of the yarn it would be almost $40! So…gonna have to save for that one…or have a really awesome night of tips. :thumbsup:

Hi Jive, welcome back. I’m fairly new here, don’t think I saw any of your posts. Congrats on getting all the class stuff taken care of and becoming an aunt again.

:waving: Welcome home! :smiley:

:heart: JIVE!!! :heart: I missed you!!
You know… BG isn’t too far away that you can’t come to Stitches Midwest!!! Check out the thread at the top of the general forum :slight_smile: And have you checked out knitpicks lately??? I’ve made 3 or 4 marsupial totes with their yarn… and they’ve gotten a TON of new colors in WOTA and Merino Style, plus new yarn lines. I’m pretty sure you could make a marsupial tote from WOTA for less than 5 bucks.

Hey Jive!

Glad to see you again. I miss chatting with you on yahoo. Haven’t been around much myself due to rl craziness. Miss ya lots hun :heart:

Ah, I’ve missed you guys!!!

Hilde, thanks for the WOTA tip! Just checked it out and that’s definately what I’ll make the marsupial bag with. LOVE the color choices too.

I won’t be able to make it to Stitches Midwest though :frowning: No car, no money, plus August is going to be a super busy month at work with Tractor Pulls and school starting up. Yikes!

Yesterday I made the tote bag from SnB. It was the first time I’ve ever used a sewing machine. I’ll have to post a pic soon. I excluded the patch though for now. Now…I’m totally in love with sewing. As if I needed another hobby, right? Oh well, at least I can combine knitting and sewing.

My dad went to BGSU. No he’s not a knitter though :slight_smile: I lived in Cleveland, OH for a couple years. I still have family in Elyria! I do have cousins that go to BGSU though :slight_smile:


Welcome home, even though I didn’t know you before you left!

Welcome Back, we missed you. Jeremy