Jill's Dress - Modern Top Down Knitting

I’m making my first top down knitting pattern ever. I’m making Jills Dress from Modern Top Down Knitting.
I just finished shaping the shoulders, with the wrap turns. the next lines of the pattern say
Work even, hiding remaining wraps as you come to them, untile armholes measure 6 1/4" from end of shoulder shaping, ending with a WS row.

So now do I knit the RS and purl the WS accross all of the stitches (no more turning) until it’s 6 1/4" from where I did the last wrap turn?

I’m sure I’ll have more questions as I work though this pattern. Thanks!

If you’re working in the round you won’t need to purl the WS, so no more turning for that. It’s a V neck though so you will have to still turn until you get to the bottom of the V which is probably at the 6¼". What does it say after that?

I’m working on the back of the dress now. It hasn’t been joined in the round yet, just doing the backside piece.
After the 6 1/4" it’s time to shape the armholes
you do that for two rows and then break the yarn and transfer sts to waste yarn for body

Well you’ll still have to turn then, but won’t be doing any short rows. Yes, knit on RS and purl on WS.

My next question about Jill’s dress pattern :slight_smile:
I’m working on the front
I shaped the shoulders, as I did for the back. Next the pattern says this
"Shape Neck
Note: Neck and armhole shaping will be worked at the same time, please read entire section through before beginning.
Increase row (RS): Increase 1st st each neck edge this row, then every other row 25 times, as follows: On right Front, knit to last 2 sts, M1-R k2, on left Front k2, M1, knit to end, Purl 1 WS row
Join Fronts
Next Row (RS): Work across right Front sts. then left Front sts, breaking second ball of yarn. AT THE SAME TIME, when armholes measure same as for Back from marker to beginning of armhole shaping, shape armholes as for Back, ending with a WS row - 80 sts."

Ok, here’s my questions

  1. While I am shaping the shoulders for the back, I should just do the wrap turns, and then start the neck shaping. In other words, I don’t knit 6 1/4 inches and then start the next shaping
  2. I’m a bit confused by where it says the neck and armhole shaping are worked at the same time. Could someone please claify this for me? I read it as I shape the next (doing the increases), then join the fonts.

Thank you so much!

That’s right. Don’t knit 6 1/4" before doing the neck shaping.
The neck shaping is going to take about 50 rows (increase every other row 25 times). Start the neck increases but before you finish them, it will be time to start the armhole shaping. That’s why they warn you that you’ll be doing both the neck increases and the armhole shaping at the same time.
When you get to the end of the neck shaping, join the right and left fronts. You may still be doing the armhole shaping or that may also be finished by now.

I made an opps
I think I did my M1-R incorrectly.
Can I just unravel that side and redo them? (I only did 5 of 25 before I realized I did them wrong)
Or do I have to unravel both sides?

Does it really look different in your knitting? You can just leave it.

When I go to break my yarn as I join the fronts, do I just stop knitting with that ball? Or how do I tie it off so that it doesn’t unravel?
Thanks :slight_smile:

You can just leave it for the moment or you can cut the yarn, leaving about a 6" tail. You can weave the yarn end in later or after you’ve finished. If the join of the two side seems a little loose, don’t be concerned about that either. It will all close up as you knit several more rows.