Jigsaw Puzzles?

Anyone else like to do jigsaw puzzles? I was looking at a few sites and came across a few knitting ones!! These look like fun to me. :teehee:

I love jigsaw puzzles. Those look great. Thanks for the link Jan :happydance:

Thanks Jan! I love puzzles, I think for the same reason I like the process of knitting.
I just may need to order a few of those, one for me, one for a friend, one for my mom, one for my grandma… :blooby:
there goes my paycheck!:roflhard:

Oooh, I love puzzles! My favs are the Charles Wysocki puzzles!

Jan, the images used for those puzzles reminded me of a video I stumbled upon way back when I had just started to look for knitting help on the internet.

The title of the video was “KNITTING PORN” but all it was was a bare hand reaching into a bag full of balls of yarn.

You ladies and your strange, strange facinations… :roll:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

–Jack :guyknitting:


Those look like fun, Demonica! Our favorite seem to be the ones like this http://www.puzzlewarehouse.com/Friday-The-13th-0981jum.html, but we like them all except the ones that are so hard they really aren’t fun… you know the ones that are nearly all one or two colors. :doh:

I love jigsaw puzzles. I used to put them together all the time, but the cats I have now are not well behaved enough for me to do it anymore. I used to have an elderly cat who would sit in my lap while I work them, but she’s no longer with us. She was so good to keep her paws off, but these youngsters aren’t so much.

Aw, that’s awesome!

Yeah, if a puzzle is any less than 1000 pieces, I won’t touch it…lol…It’s gotta be somewhat of a challenge!

Yep, all our puzzles are 1000 pieces.

Oh, I have a [B][U]3D puzzle of Notre Dame[/U][/B].

But I also have several sizes of Rubik’s cubes. 3 cubed, 4 cubed, and 5 cubed. My children challenge me by doing a requested number of moves then handing them to me to see if I can reverse them or if I have to solve the whole cube. :slight_smile:

I have a few Charles Wysocki puzzles, in the Americana series.


I prefer the bigger ones, too. The one we have now was given to us by a 12 yr old for Christmas. It’s hard! We have most of the outside edge done so onto the really hard part… Eek.

Holy cow!
I usually just get the Thomas Kinkade puzzles, Target has them whenever I’m in the mood. I have to remember to order these ones though!

Oh boy oh boy. If I ever start one… don’t bother me haha i usually go and go… do one section at a time… oh look it’s almost done.

ME TOO! :cheering:

Funny Story… In a round-about way, doing puzzles on-line is what led me to this web-site. I was doing puzzles late one night and they had a link to a puzzle embeded into somebody’s blog and it was a knitting project (I don’t remember what). I followed the link to do the puzzle, started reading the blog and her knitting adventures/projects and ended up following it to someone else’s blog (listed on her “other sites I follow” I think)…then another one and (not sure how many links it took) … ended up here! :woot:

I wish I could remember who’s blog it was so I could thank them!

When I was growing up, my Mom and a few of my sisters used to do them all the time. We would start one on our card table and just move it into a corner till it was done. I used to get in trouble for trying to sneak in a few pieces when I was supposed to be doing housework or going to bed. :roflhard:

Here’s the link http://www.jigzone.com/… ENJOY:wink:

sgt pam–thanks for including the jigsaw link–used to do them awhile ago, and had forgotten the address. linknit41