My husband is an Ohio State Univ. fan and I am trying to knit an afghan for him with a block “O” in the middle of the afghan. In working the “O”, I need to use 5 different bobbins. I have never worked with bobbins before and occasionally I will get a hole in the area where I switch from one color to the next. Since I don’t get holes every time I switch bobbins, I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Can anyone tell me how to correctly switch bobbins without creating a hole in my knitting?

When you change colors, you need to ‘twist’ the stitches on the wrong side. A simple way to do this is to hold the strand that you’re finishing over to the left so that the hanging strand for the next color is under it. Knit the first new-color stitch and drop the old color bobbin.

Do this hold-to-the-left on top of hanging yarn every time and they will twist automatically, so you won’t get holes.

Ingrid, I was away for the week-end and wasn’t able to respond to your thread. Thank you so much for your information on how to switch bobbins when using multiple colors. I guess that sometimes I was doing it the right way and sometimes the wrong way and that is why I wasn’t getting holes in my knitting all the time. I have ripped out a bit of my afghan and have taken a short break before I attempt my “O” again. I will let me know how your advice worked. Once again, thanks for taking the time to help me.

My husband and I are HUGE Ohio State Fans! Go Bucs!!

Is the afghan you’re making from a pattern or is it something you made yourself? I’ve been looking for a project to make the hubby. Where did you find the pattern? Could you point me in the direction?

The afghan is something that I made up myself using graph paper. It’s very simple (except for the switching of the threads!)- just a red block “O” on a gray background. I tried not to make it too complicated because I was using bobbins for the first time and didn’t want to make myself crazy!! If you are interested in exactly what I did, I will be glad to send you my homemade instructions!!

That would be awesome! Thank you. You can PM me with them. I promise I won’t sell it or otherwise profit from your design! May all my needles break if I go back on my word. Knitters Honor.

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Melanie, I would PM you if I knew what that meant!!! The instructions are pretty simple so I can just write it here or you’ll have to tell me how to PM!!! :slight_smile:

Sunshine’s Mom- Are you Melanie or are there two people interested in my Ohio State afghan? I am so confused!!!

A pm is a ‘private message’ that’s sent directly to another member, not posted on one of the forums. If you click on someone’s name, a menu appears and ‘send a private message to (member name)’ is one of the options.

Melanie- Following are my Ohio State afghan instructions: Remember, I designed this pattern myself and since I haven’t finished, I don’t yet know the end result. So far, however, I am very pleased.

By the way, this is actually a throw, not a large afghan for a bed, so if you want a larger finished piece, you will have to change the size to suit you.

I used a size 11 round needle.
Cast on 159 stitches (if you like the border I’ve used, you will have to cast on an odd # of stitches). The bulk of my afghan is gray. The “O” I am doing in red.

For the first 10 rows: k1, p1,…
From the 11th row until the very end of the throw, I k1,p1 the first 10 stitches and the last 10 stitches to make a frame or border for the piece.

Other than the border, I will knit a row, purl a row for 40 rows.

Now I begin to form the “O”

k1,p1 for fist 10 stitches. knit 60 stitches. add red and knit 19 stitches. go back to gray and knit 60 stitches and then k1,p1 for the border.

For the next 9 rows, add one red stitch to each end of the red section therefore making the “O” wider and forming what will become a hexagon shape in the middle of the blanket.

I am sending this off to you now with just these instructions because I have to check my stitch count to make sure I’m telling you the right numbers for forming the “O”. If you think this is too much for you or you don’t think you are interested, let me know so I won’t bother you with the rest of the instructions. I am not really an experienced knitter so I hope my directions make some sense.

[Ingrid, Your instructions for using different colored bobbins worked perfectly. I think I was getting holes in my knitting due to the fact that sometimes I changed bobbins correctly and sometimes I didn’t. Now, I am paying close attention to make sure I’m doing it right, and my afghan looks great. Thanks so much for your help.