Jewish Skull Cap & Tallit

:waving:I hope I am calling it the right name, the little cap which Jewish men wear in synagogue…I’d like to make one for a Messianic Jewish teacher I know. Does anyone know where I can get a pattern???

Also, has anyone ever knit a Tallit? Jewish prayer shawl? That might be nice too…maybe a bit too personal though. I bet they don’t change those like shirts or something.

I think you mean a yarmulke? (sp?) Here’s a link. I’m not sure about the prayer shawl.

And welcome! I see you’re pretty new here!:waving:

Yarmulke is the Yiddish word. The Hebrew word is kipa, (covering) right next to kippur, for atonement. Let me see if I can find some of my patterns.

Also-depending on how conservative the congregation is, knitting a tallit for somebody to whom you’re not married could be conceived as a little intimate. They’re pretty exclusive items. I’ve never seen a knitted tallit, but I think you could make some pretty trimmings for one. Just my thoughts.

Todah!!! Thanks!!! I appreciate you finding the pattern(s).

RE the inappropriateness of knitting a tallit…thanks for the heads up on that. I had NO idea. Is that orthodox only or does it apply to a Messianic Jew as well? This is for the latter. He is very hardworking in his ministry and DH and I are sending him and his wife a few hand-made wearable gifts…to both.

Ok, this is what I found for a : basic kipa pattern
another one.

I could’ve sworn there were more online, but I’m not seeing them today.

And a better way to have explained the tallit thing is just to say that they’re very personal items. Some people are sensitive to that sort of thing. Messianics run the same conservative/liberal spectrum as other Jews. That’s all. Have fun!

Thank you SOOOOOOOO much!

I hope it works out for you. Make sure you post some pics!