Has any one been to her site? I just found it last night and am slowly making my way around in it. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before…
After figuring out how it is set up, I must say I’m impressed. The real test will be knitting a sweater from one of her patterns. Has anyone here used her patterns? Did you like them?

Never heard of it. Do you have a link? Hope this works but all I did was google her name and she was the first listing, That is what was what was on a pattern I got from a friend, the photo-copy was pretty blurry so I did a ‘hunt&peck’ search and stumbled upon Ms Tromp. I love her lace…

It works fine! And thanks for sharing this site. It will take me a while to go through it all. It is set up in an interesting way, and it should be easy to use if you have yarn in mind. Thanks again! samm

Wow, I love some of her charted patterns… going to give them a go!

I can’t believe this post is falling off the page so fast. She has some really nice patterns.

fascinating- I like how so many sizes are charted up/ written out. I’ll spend lots of time at that site! Thanks!

Eeep, just finished going through her cable section too - far too much inspiration, brain might melt…

Wow she has a lot of mens patterns which is nice. all the men knitters here need to check it out!!

Wow… what a site! I think this take some studying. I saw some darling pictures of childrens sweaters, not quite sure where the directions are. But I’m not giving up!!! I will persevere! :slight_smile: