Jen's first picture of FO..maybe,lol!

O.K. here goes! Thank you Jan CA, hopefully the info and site you gave me is going to work!
Also, thank you to Artlady who also has tried to help me and everyone else who tried, I thank you!!
This is a picture of the sweater I knitted for my new 11 week old granddaughter Bailey…I will post a picture of her wearing it when it fits!

You did it! :thumbsup:

That is really cute! I love the color!

IT WORKED!!!:muah: :woohoo: :waving: :woot: :cheering: :yay: :happydance:

beautiful sweater!

Hooray!!! :cheering: So happy to see your DGD’s new hoodie!!!
It is adorable!!

Excellent work, Jen. Your DGD will love it.


Very nice! :thumbsup:

What a great sweater, grandbabies are the best!

Thank you, all of you! It is so fun to see something that I made on this thread and that you guys like it!!!

So sweet!

Good job! That’s a cute sweater. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how I missed this sweater…
you did a great job…very cute :yay:

Aaaw, that is adorable!! Can’t wait to see a pic of her in it! :heart:

Bailey will look gorgeous in it. It is adorable.

Lovely job. Bailey is going to look soooo cute in this sweater!

oh yay! It’s so adorable! Nice work!

Congrats!! It’s adorable!

Very, very nice! Granddaughters are great too!!!

That turned out GREAT! :cheering: