Jenny by Annette Danielson

Hi, as an on going project that you have helped me with,I have more questions. “Jenny by Annette Danielson” this pattern is knitted from left to right. I am now at the point of starting the neck. The pattern states to bind of the center 10 stitches. Ok, I got that. But thinking ahead…when I start the next row what happens when I get to the bound off stitches? Also the pattern states to bind off the next 4 stictches, won’t this cause the neck line to be jagged? I am a visual learner so I am having difficulty visualizing how this is going to work. This is the first neckline I have done this way. Thank you in advance
Janette 20210515_101856|654x1200](upload://afWVc0nZHsxXcrvSLov6eGYi0ao.jpeg)

Don’t know if you got both sections. Here is the 1st

You’re making good progress. After the bind off of 10sts you’ll only be working on the Front of this top. You can put the Back sts on a holder or leave them on the working needles but ignore them.
Yes, there will be steps in the bind off which may be covered by the neckband. Check under Finishing or Neckband to see what the designer recommends. As an alternative you can do a smoother bind off using this technique which works very nicely for shoulders or necklines.