Jenelle's back!

Hello! Well, I’m Jenelle, age of 13, and a young knitter and crocheter(I’m the only person my age that knows how to knit and crochet). After watching countless TV shows on knitting, I actually gave up on trying. My mom bought me a set of kitting needles size US 9(I actually thought they were 10 until I just double checked :rollseyes: ). I’ve made some pretty nice things with this set, which includes a small pillow, a purse, and… Well, I actually can’t think of what else :rollseyes: … I love to crochet, and so far I have made a slipper! An easy pattern that I got off the internet by doing some surfing, I just crocheted 7 squares(all the same size) and stitched them together. My parents were quite impressed(and so were all the people I shown it too :smiley: ). At the moment, I am knitting a scarf using the elongated stitch. I have to say even though I am using regular worsted weight this IS a really good stitch. I’ll get this scarf done in no time at all(maybe even in time before christmas! :happydance: ). So, I’ll just knit my way into prodjects that are due, and I’m sure I’ll have a blast :XX: :smiley:

:cheering: :cheering: Hi Jenelle! So very nice to meet you. How great that you can do both crochet and knit. Good for you! We would love to see some pics of your work…if your parents will allow you to show us. I think it is very cool that you are so into your crafts. Glad to have you here! :happydance: :happydance:

WELCOME, Jenelle!! :waving:

Yes…we love knitting pics here! :thumbsup:

Hi Jenelle! The fact that you learned so young means that you have a lifetime of creating ahead of you! Welcome! :waving:

Hi Jenelle! Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Hi Jenelle- welcome!! :waving:

I wish that I had learned how to knit when I was 13. Keep up the good work!

Yes I know I should take some pictures. And my parents will be fine with it :slight_smile: I actually have a picture of my first crocheted scarf that I finished. I took me like… 2 days to complete. If I take all the time it took me, about 6 hours. I really should try to find that picure though :rollseyes:

Now where would it be… :thinking:

Ahh… found my finished slipper… and took a picture of it. The quality isn’t good, but you can see that I crocheted it. Fairly easy pattern and one of my first completed slippers. I used the colors lavender, olive green, and tan. The colors match real nicely :smiley:


Welcome, Jenelle! That’s a great slipper!

I want to try a knitted slipper though… hmm…

I want to try out the 100 things about me… but maybe narrow it down to 20 things :stuck_out_tongue: Here I go!

  1. I am 13 years old.

  2. I was born on a Mexican holiday(Cinco de Mayo)

  3. I have natural curly hair.

  4. I lived in 4 houses, but moved 5 times.

  5. I lived in this house about 5 years ago before we moved out… now we moved back in.

  6. I love cats!

  7. I have two siblings, a brother and a sister.

  8. We used to have a goat… But he died(of old age)

  9. We have a turtle named Stubs.

  10. I have a little neice who will be three months old on December 10th.

  11. My parents have been married for 20 years now.

  12. My dad is a prison guard.

  13. I am a homeschooler, while my sister goes to regular public school.

  14. I love to cook… And many people love my cooking.

  15. I started to crochet at age 11, just a few days before I hit 12.

  16. I started to knit back in April.

  17. I am in the 8th grade.

  18. We also have two annoying dogs.

  19. I am currently learning Spanish.

  20. I think I will go up to 25 at least on this :stuck_out_tongue:

  21. I love to make graphics and animations.

  22. I like working with children(sometimes :P)

  23. Sometimes I stay up until 4 or 5 am knitting.

  24. My favorite colors are green, red, and off white(christmasy eh? :P)

  25. I love to watch crime/thrill/murder shows. Like the CSI’s, the Law and Orders, Crossing Jordan, ect.

Well… there’s 25 things about me :lol:

Well, those are a fun 25 things! Why the difference in schooling between you & sis? Why are your doggies annoying? Id love to hear some goat stories!!

Well… the difference is because my sister didn’t want to become homeschooled and I did. It’s almost been a year since I left regular school. I actually like this better.

My doggies are annoying because they know how humans speak. If we say food or treat… they go balistic. Or if we say bathroom or potty… they just go all around the house prancing frantically and they start jumping. :rofling:

and I have to say… the funniest goat story was when… My sister let him loose and he chased after my mom. I have to say…that was the fastest I ever seen my mom run! :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard:

I love your 25 things, Jenelle! It’s great having you here with us! :slight_smile:

I’m great to actually BE here! A lot of wonderful people and people I can talk to about knitting and not bore them to death! :shifty:

:cheering: welcome, Jenelle! you will love it here. :cheering:
wish I had a knitting forum when I was 13… woulda kept me outta trouble :smiley: !


I’m trying to teach my 9 year old… but she’s a leftie… so I need to get a book to deal with that… or teach her how to knit Right handed… which she’s having issues with… I’m sure it’s a little dis-orienting…

I’m pretty sure if you look in walmart or somewhere where they sell knitting and crocheting supplies that you will find a book for lefty’s and righty’s… we found a crochet book that shows how to crochet left and right. And its very handy. Or, maybe check at a Barns and Noble. I know Barns and Noble should have some of them.

Welcome, ‘round! Nice to have a youngin’ here :slight_smile: