Jenelle, I know you've used the Adora yarn

from Big Lots (I bought some there too). Have you tried machine washing and drying it? The directions say

Dry Cleanable
Hand Washable
Do Not Bleach
Do Not Wring
Do Not Iron or Tumble Dry
Dry Flat in Shade

Its 95% acrylic, 5% polyamide…I thought most acrylics were washable. I guess I’ll have to wash and dry a swatch to find out!

My sock yarn (Baby Bee Sweet Delight) from Hobby Lobby is handwash, too. I guess there are some more delicate acrylics available these days.

It is extremely soft, so I’m not complaining.

[color=blueviolet]I think hobby lobby is on crack. :teehee: I’m not saying I’m a yarn expert, far from it, but I just can’t believe the ballband is correct. I put my swatches in the machine and they came out fine. I washed one on gentle and the other one permanet press both with dreft. I measured before and after and they were both the same size. My swatches were 16 sts equals 4 in on US 6. They looked fine. HB also says it’s a bulky yarn with a recommended gauge of 20 sts and 26 rows equals 6x6 in. on a US 10. For me, it was way too loose at that gauge. I also thought the store swatch looked just as bad as my swatch at the same gauge. I think the yarn is a DK weight because it has 12 wpi. [/color]

I’ve not tried it in the washing machine yet.

Maybe you could knit up a small swatch and run it through the washer? :thinking:

I noticed the Bulky (5), thing, too. I’m making a pair of socks with it using a size 5 needle. They may very well be on crack.

However, my thought was that maybe they intended it to be more for a lacey consistency? Not that that excuses anything; they’re still nuts. Now I want to ask them about it… :teehee: