Jelly yarn

Has anyone knitted with jelly yarn?
If so, what did you make, and how was it, working with jelly yarn?

Easy or frustrating?

Very interesting…
I have never knitted with it. But I would bet it would really show if your stitches weren’t exactly even across since it has very little give.
I would be frogging stitches left and right in order to get my rows straight and so my bag would never get finished. But, that’s just me… I’d be interested to know how it knits up if you get some.

Now there’s a texture that would just drive me :zombie: I’m supposing it would be used for making bags or something similar? I couldn’t imagine working with it for a whole project! I’d love to know someone else’s experience, though.

This looks like it would knit up a great beach bag or kid’s bag. I am always leery of reviews because you never know which reviews are real and which are put on there by the company to get you to buy it. I’m interested to see what everyone has to say about it. I wouldn’t mind trying it - but I don’t want to buy skeins of it if it is a pain to knit with.

This looks very similar to the stuff that you make lanyards and keychains out of at camp. I knit a beach bag last summer using it. It was interesting to work with, after a few rows I got the feel for it and it wasn’t too bad. Definitely use your least sticky needles. I tried using bamboo at first and it was killer. I don’t have a picture of the bag and it was a gift so I am not sure how well it held up in the long run.

ha ha ha! I’m betting it would make me a REAL screamer!
Just wondering if anyone enjoyed working with hellish yarn.
That isn’t even yarn, it’s plastic.
Bamboo needles are a pain, to me, anyways. I tried them once, and almost threw them into the river. But then, I might have stabbed a duck

Are you kidding? I LOVE bamboo needles, the clover brand are practically all I use.

But yeah, i don’t think i would use that yarn to knit with. I knit mostly for the tactile feeling of the soft yarn. It just looks too cold and unconfortable to hold, and wouldn’t be stiff and hard to use?

I don’t care for yarns that don’t have ‘give’. The chenille yarn that I crocheted a sweater for DGD was a PIA, and this looks much worse.

[FONT=Garamond][SIZE=4][COLOR=Teal]that looks fab! what fun.

most of the colours arn’t realy ‘me’ but i would have fun with the black and the blue. I can see me making some beach accesories out of that. definately handy for my next australia trip!

I wonder how flexible it is. if they have made it soft enough it would still be a bit tough to work with but definately managable. anything i imagine would use firaly big needles anyway.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

Do you use silky, animal fiber yarns with the bamboo, or acrylic yarns, or both?
I think using bamboo needles and acrylic yarn tog. is hard.

I don’t knit for the feel, I knit for the color and patterns.
BTW, can anybody here give me a slip stitch brick knitting pattern?

When I get in the mood for this, which would have to be me being so calm and cool I’m almost asleep, I’ll post some photos.