Jeff wonderland

I know some of you have had great experiences ordering addi’s on ebay from him. How long does it typically take to get them? I placed an order 2 weeks ago, and sent him anemail last Wednesday. No response. I’m wondering if I’m getting s*rewed here. He has 19 negative feedbacks in the last month. I’m hoping I’m not going to be #20.

Could be he’s busy with the holidays and all… Lots of people are.


I’ve ordered a LOT of Addis from Jeff and I’ve never not gotten them. Once there was a delay of a few weeks, but other than that I’ve always received them in 10 days or so. From what I gather he’s not the best at returning e-mail (I wouldn’t know as I’ve never had to e-mail him) but he’s not a crook or anything. :wink:

Its one thing to be busy with the holidays, but if he claims something should ship in a certain period of time, it still should. Or at least answer an email and explain the delay! :grrr:

Wow his feedback is pretty awful in the last month, I’d never use an ebayer with that much negative feedback, although I know his addi prices are just too good to be true and I’ve been tempted but now I don’t think giving this guy my business would be worth it. On ebay, can’t the buyer agree to remove the negative feedback after the problem has been resolved? There’s something in place on Ebay where if the seller makes good on the problem and makes an effort, and the buyer agrees to removing the feedback then the sellers rep isn’t ruined by an honest mistake. Like never shipping 1 sale because of a mistake. Never shipping 10 orders is a big problem.

Hang in there. You will get them.

you will get them although I admit that I’ve had problems in the past. The length of time hasn’t been as big of an issues so much as communication. There have been several times when I had questions or really needed to communicate with him and he didn’t respond until I sent somewhat nasty email messages threatening to cancel my order or leave negative feedback. He does have a great product and great prices but after the last time I had problems (which was the third time I’d ordered from him), I decided that it just wasn’t worth it anymore. You decide–I think it all depends on what you expect from an ebayer. If you want cheap prices and have patience–just hang in there; He does come through. If you are big into customer service and want your questions answered, etc.–you might want to find someone else. Either way–good luck w/ whatever you decide.

I bought something from him, and it did not arrive until 30 days after I ordered it
I put in an E-bay complaint until I recieved the order, postmarked 3 days after the payment came through (the first monday)
he told me it might be hung up in customs
and it seems that it was
but I will not buy from him again