Jeanie Knitty winter

Good evening,
I just finished the set-up row for Jeanie and I find the instructions a bit confusing. Do I do row 1 again after doing it as my set-up row or do I move onto row 2? Help please!!!


The way I read it you would then start with row 1 of the pattern…set up row totally separate. You might check the knitty board though to see if anyone else had the same question or contact the designer.

I’m with Kemp- I think you do row 1 as the set up row, then do row 1 again to start the pattern.

Thanks for the responses and that is what I though, but I contacted the designer and she said row one is just the set-up row and to move on to row two after that. Good thing I emailed her!

Yes, I would think row 1 and the set up row are the same since they are both done on the right side. If you went too row 1 after the set up row it would be on the wrong side.

I think the designer makes a distinction between the set up row and row 1 is because in the set up row you are placing the markers. Whereas in any row 1 you do subsequently(after the set up row) you will be moviing the markers and not placing them. If that makes sense.