Jaywalker socks

I am making these socks on size 1 DPN’s like instructed. I am using Lornas Laces. My question is these socks are looking small. I hate to get finished and find that I can’t get the sock over my foot. Has anyone had problems with it being small?

Are you making the smaller or larger size? If you google “jaywalkers” and “too small”, you will find that lots of people have had the problem of them being too small. The pattern is one that pulls in and does not stretch, so some people are not able to even get it over their heel. Have you tried what you have so far on?

I knit mine toe up, and once I turned the heel and knit about 10 rows past, I couldn’t get them on.

(I frogged back, threw some ribbing on and called them anklets. :slight_smile: )

For sure you want to check your gauge very carefully, because this stitch is not very stretchy. The best is to knit a sample of the chevron pattern (in the round if possible) before you start. :thumbsup:

You guys are not giving me warm fuzzy feelings.I am making it top down and can’t try it on.I am making the smaller size and that is the same size I have made all my socks in and haven’t had a problem with a fit. I really like this pattern. It is super fast and easy to remember. Off to google to ease my mind.

This is a pattern I’d like to try. Would it work to knit the cuff part with larger needles? Anyone try that yet? samm

Well I just finished the first sock and can’t get it over my heel. Now trying to decide whether to frog and make the larger size or knit something else. I really like this pattern and it knit so fast. Would the next size up in needles make a difference also?

Larger needles would make a difference as would casting on more stitches.

It would. It would also make a looser fabric, but I don’t know if that’s what you want, especially in a sock. I just made the larger size to begin with since so many people were having problems. It’s strange for me to knit a sock for myself requiring 84 stitches, but we’ll see. I’m at the heel turn now.

Btw, you can try on top down socks as you go. Just spread the stitches out over 4 needles and slip it on.

I have made two pairs of Jaywalkers. The first pair is a struggle to get over my heel. On the second pair I cast on with size 3 and knit the ribbing for only about 3/4 inch. That made a huge difference.

the ribbing isn’t the issue. The ribbing fits. It s the instep area won’t go over the heel. I am now making the larger size. Did using larger needles make much change in the leg? Does it sag?

i am reading with great interest too! i just cast on after checking out this pattern, and decided to cast on the larger size b/c of the smallish issue a lot of knitters seemed to have. i am knitting on two US1 circs, with knitpicks superwash sock yarn (i dyed too :slight_smile: ) looks like it will fit, but i am kinda worried b/c i decided not to do the ribbing. i liked the wavey edge :pout: am i in trouble?

I didn’t do the ribbing either (I hate ribbing), and the wavy edge has worked fine for me. I only knit the leg about 3 1/2 inches so its not very tall, so there’s no problem with the cuff falling down.

good tip! i think i’ll do the same :slight_smile:

Here’s a site that gives instructions for making the jaywalker sock bigger, etc. http://www.grumperina.com/jaywalkbigger.htm

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