Jaywalker socks: starting the heel flap

good morning!

i’m working on grumperina’s jaywalkers. love how they are looking so far. i was reading through the pattern, though, and am a bit confused.

right now, i have 19 sts spread across 4 needles. here are the instructions to begingt the heel flap:

Heel flap: k19 (21) sts on needle #1, turn. Sl1, P37 (41), turn. These 38 (42) sts form the heel flap. The remaining 38 (42) sts form the instep and are unused for the moment. Work heel back and forth, turning after every row.

i understand the k19, turn. but then i get confused about the sl1, p37. where do those stitches come from?

any help would be really appreciated! :hug:

[COLOR=darkorchid]I’ve never made these particular socks, but the heel flap is genreally half the total number of sts used in the sock. One fourth of the stitches on either side of where you begin your round is used for the heel flap. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#9932cc]Using four needles, one would have one quarter of the sts on each needle. Using needle four, knit across needle one and that will put half the sts on one needle. Needles two and three will each contain one quarter of the sts and be unused while knitting the heel flap.[/COLOR]

OK, I haven’t made these particular socks so someone chime in if I’m wrong.

You have 19 stitches each on 4 needles, right? So knit 19, turn, slip 1, knit back across that needles and continue going in the same direction knitting stitches off the next needle until you have 38 st on your right needle. Now work the heel flap on these and ignore the rest!

thanks! so, once i have knit the stitches from needle 1, do i then use the needle with the stitches on it to go to needle 4?

yup, you got it!

it is gonna be the stitches on needle 2. You turn after knitting across needle 1 then sl1 and purl across needle 1 & 2. I hope this is correct. I am on my second Jaywalker and this is how I read it.

Cindyln is probably right, I’d go with her advice since she actually made the socks!

hi, cindy! i emailed grumperina today and got this response:

Hi Brooke,

You continue knitting stitches which are sitting on the next needle :slight_smile:

I hope this helps,

i think laura was right…i think you continue knitting and then being purling once you have all 38 stitches on one needle.

also, needles 2&3 are for the front, 1&4 make the heel flap, i believe.

would it work to slip the stitches onto one needle and then begin knitting?

i’m really sorry for all of the questions…!