Japanese Hair Straightening

I’ve really long (at the small of my back) wavy, at times frizzy, hair. Now, while I do like my hair, I love how it looks straight. Only, because it’s so long, I’m really not good at straightening it by myself, so I only get it straightened when I get it cut (like, twice a year).

Now, though, I might be getting my hair straightened with the japanese hair straightening method. It seems perfect. I’ve read a whole bunch about it on the Internet, and most of the comments have been positive. Also, I’m going to a really nice, upclass place to get it done. Next week, I’ve a consultation scheduled where they’ll see if it would be good for my hair and do a strand test.

I’m really excited for it, but I am a little bit nervous. I’m just glad the salon does the consultations. So, I can ask all of my questions as well.

Has anyone had it done?


I work at a salon… Which Japanese straightening procedure are you getting done? (I’m not a hairdresser, but I work there so I’ve heard about different procedures.)

I have really thick curvy/wavy hair. I really like the way my hair looks when it’s straightened too. I guess it’s one of those things where we want what we don’t have, haha. I’ve heard that the Japanese hair straightening produces great results. But it is very expensive. My hair also grows really quickly, and from what I’ve heard is that when you have regrowth and want to straighten it again, they will charge you for the full head of hair. You might want to see how different salons will charge. I’ve been straightening my hair for years with a blow dryer, flat iron and big round brush. With practice, I’m sure you could get great results too.

I’m not sure which procedure they do. I’ll find out at the consultation. Do you know which ones are the better ones?

And, Bree, it is expensive, but my hair does grow slowly, which is a plus. And, I don’t have the time to make my hair all pretty every day. I get out of bed at 9:00 and am on my way to class by 9:20.

Honestly, different techniques work differently for everyone… So I’d be hard pressed to say! Your stylist will best be able to tell you which will suit your needs more.

I know we do about, hmm… Maybe 6 different types? And it all depends on hair thickness, curliness, growth, all that. But let me know what kind they suggest!

Yea I hear you about the time thing. I very rarely wash my hair in the morning before I leave the house, if I want to wear it straight. But when I do straighten my hair, I wash and straighten before bed, giving it a chance to “relax”. Then I can pretty much get up and go the next day.

Me too :?? :shifty:

I have a co-worker whose daughter had it done, and it turned out beautiful. We’re African-American, and the result was so silky and smooth on her hair. I too have long hair and usually wear it in a single braid; but I still need/want a relaxer; I just rarely get it done (I usually do it myself -once/twice a year). Good luck, and please share your experience.

I haven’t had it done, but a good friend of mine has – twice. Each time it’s lasted almost a year, if I recall correctly. She adores it because her hair is frizzy and she lives in a humid climate. It does look fabulous too :thumbsup: