January Knitting

Here are things I either started or worked on in January. My 2010 knitting so far. To see more views of these things see my Ravelry page.

The cat bed was made from lots of left over bulky yarn and felted. (The blanket underneath was crocheted by my husbands grandma, it is huge, indestructible,–probably made of Red Heart Super Saver–and I don’t like the colors at all, but it is warm and we have used it in the winter for 17 years)

The blue shawl is from a pattern called Bone Yard. I don’t get why it has a grim name.

The green shawl is from a pattern called Multnomah. It was originally designed as a one skein sock yarn project but I made it larger.

Thanks for looking!

Very pretty! I hope my cats didn’t sneak a peek at your cat bed. Maybe I will get time and knit them each one.

The shawls are both beautiful. Lovely choice of colors, too.

Very pretty! Kitty is loving the bed!

Wonderful projects!! I especially love the last shawl!! Beautiful design and color!

I love them too and like your cat. Am half tempted to try this bed for mine but she only wants to sleep where I don’t want her to, like on my pillow and knitted things!

Good job on all! Love the cat bed. I may try one for my cats (and maybe even my little dogs too!). One of our little dogs sleeps under my pillow most nights. The big huge one sleeps on my legs.

Wonderful work on the shawls!

I visited your Rav projects and took a peek at the cat bed!
It’s an adorable bed! I like your version better than ANY of the cat beds shown on the FREE PATTERN cat bed page!

I love yours! And your precious furr ball, too!

These are all great! I am making the Boneyard shawl and have queued Multnomah! Excellent work. I don’t know about the name for Boneyard unless the garter ridge is supposed to be bones??? I love the pattern though. Nice job on everything!