January KH-KAL: Seamless blanket project!


Oh golly! I just found my ruined blankey at the bottom of a stash of yarn…I got so discouraged about it (and that was 2 years ago!)…that I just tossed it. But I didn’t toss if far, did I? I could have thrown it into the trash, but since I didn’t, I figure there is still some fondness in it for me. I could maybe finish it up and use it for a tv blanket or car blanket for me…never to show it to others. But I think my creative use of crochet on the bottom (dark brown) row to even it up just makes it look very, very ugles…

Yet I still can’t throw it out! Maybe I can donate it to a cat shelter.


Woodi, this blanket isn’t ugly! Matter of fact, I rather like the color combinations you chose! If I were you, I’d frog that last outside wonky brown ‘log’, and pick up where I left of.

Logs shouldn’t become taller in certain areas. This makes me think that you possibly put the blanket down mid-row for some reason, and when you came back to it you might have started knitting back over the stitches you’d knit before you were interrupted. Then when you reached the end, you turned the work and knit back over those stitches for the third time and then all the way to the end. That would make the log about two rows taller in the area that’s too tall.

Anyway, a good frogging should reveal the problem and you can start fresh! Like a computer re-boot!

I think your blanket is worth the trouble! I’m the President of the Frog Club! Our motto is ‘Frog til ya get it Right!’ :thumbsup:


Well, I hate to admit this, but I have to confess: I crocheted that last crazy brown log that way on purpose, to make the entire square look squarish…kwim?
Cuz otherwise, it will be some other geometric figure.

but I do agree with you now…I will frog it and see what I can do…even if I just make it all one color on all the outside four sides. Gotta finish it…unfinished things create strange dreams in the night.


This blanket is definitely not an ugly throw-away blanket! It’s well worth the effort to fix and finish. I love the colors! Very organic and earthy! Appealing! :happydance:


I like the colors too, Artlady. I guess this is also why I haven’t thrown it away yet. I tried it as a lap blanket, but it’s just too small yet. I use lap blankets a lot - in the car, at meditation in the cold hall at monastery…)


Hi all,

Ok I went stash diving today and found 2 different color schemes. I am going witih a Red Heart veriegated 2 diferernt shades of rose and a sage with cream. Then I have the differnet solids. I am going to do a traditional Lc so no counting cause this is to work as my therapy to keep me from going crazy. Makes great TV and movie knitting. Plus the company of my 2 four legged babies to keep me company. I am going to rely on yall to keep me on track and any good company will be welcome.



Hi Becky!

Glad to have you here! Why don’t you take a digital photo of the yarns you have lined up…and post them here…so we can all see your colors! I’d be happy to make some recommendations as to color placement! I love noodling around with colors!




I have taken pics of the yarns but are now stuck in the digital camara.
I need to get a multi card reader. Am going to Wal Mart tonight will pick one up then. Can’t wait to show yall



Thread bump! :eyebrow:

I started this blanket a couple of weeks before YDS was born and he’s 26 months old now. :blush:

Latest completed log:

I’m working on the last log now; it took me two tries to get it started since the first time I started the yarn from the wrong side and didn’t realize it until I started to knit on it and saw all the colored bumps on the right side!

I haven’t decided what to do about the border – the pattern suggests the tan, which is the yarn I have the least left over (and not enough for the border, although I should be able to buy more.) I started this blanket as a way to use up the teal green, and I still have three or four skeins of it left! I don’t think it would make a good border because of the teal block on the left and bottom sides. :shrug:

At the rate I knit, it will be a few months before I have to worry about it. :teehee:


There is another seamless blanket pattern to add to our KAL!

It’s the Mitered Crosses Blanket!

You can also modify it to a Mitered [I]Squares[/I] Blanket, as I have done, as seen by this Square #1.
The mitered square is “framed” on all 4 sides by traditional log cabin technique.

When all “squares” have been knit, there is a seamless technique to bind them all together: the 3-needle bind off, or in this case…the 3-needle bind-together!

This square is worked with Noro Silk Garden, color 208.
It is greens, teals, greys, charcoals.

Click here to view a Mitered Crosses Blanket.
[B]The designer will donate all proceeds from the sale of downloads of this pattern to Mercy Corps (http://www.mercycorps.org/). In 2011, these donations will be designated for Japan earthquake/tsunami relief, and thereafter to support Mercy Corps’ relief work.[/B]

July 12, 2011: Total of $16,000 donated to Mercy Corps so far!

THAT is a lot of $5 pdf’s!

The designer is Kay Gardiner, one of our beloved Mason-Dixon authoresses!

[COLOR=Teal][B]NOTE: [/B][/COLOR] I have the Noro neutrals in sufficient quantity for the warm and sandy colored borders, and my Noro warm shades (for the center squares or crosses) is on its way to my home from WEBS. So I will do a traditional Mitered Crosses Blanket soon. I’ve read that the Mitered Crosses (or, Squares) are a very portable project for summer vacation, and commuting to work (as long as you’re not the driver!)

There have lots of Noro substitutions used by the Mitered Crosses knitters, with great results…so don’t feel that Noro is the only good yarn to use!

Click hereto view the Mitered Crosses projects page! To date, there are 518 blankets worked! I didn’t do a scientific count, but I’d say that most of the projects used other yarn than Noro.

I’m using Noro Kureyon instead of Silk Garden. I couldn’t find any Silk Garden neutral (#269), but even if I could…Kureyon is much less expensive when multiplied over many skeins. And whereas Silk Garden is softer, IMO Kureyon is perfectly good for a blanket.

I am going to wash, rinse/soften [U]and block[/U] all of my squares before doing the 3-needle bind-together to join them all into a blanket.

Click here to view the Mitered Crosses Group for this blanket. Lots of helpful tips and support.

Hope you like this project! It can be started and completed rather quickly, but you can easily work on it at your leisure. :thumbsup:


That is a beautiful square!

I am almost finished bumping this thread. The last log is complete and I have started the border. The color combination is growing on me. :slight_smile:

I’m using the tan/buff for the border.


Yay! You are making progress! In time for Fall/Winter 2011/2012!


Beautiful colors, lovely pattern.


Hi everyone, Im new to this forum but hope to be hanging around for a while. This looks like a fun project to join in on when I have enough leftover wool. Im new to knitting so Im still trying to understand all of the terminology, what does KAL and KH stand for? And what does frogging mean? I checked the glossery but couldnt find an answer.



KH is short for Knitting Help.

KAL is short for Knit-A-Long, or Knitalong.

Frogging is the act of taking your knitting off the needles, and then pulling out the stitches. Some knitters frog just a few rows and then immediately re-knit them correctly; some knitters frog the entire mess and either re-knit it, OR wind up the yarn and call it quits.


Thankyou for the welcome and explanation ArtLady, the KH and KAL should have hit me straight away, with so many knitting abbreviations I just assumed they were others to add to the list. :aww:

Now frogging, I have done that and didnt know its name, a painful yet ironically fun process in a naughty kind of way.:mrgreen:


I made this blanket last year (it took me three months, but that is because I worked on it on and off)

30.5 x 33.5
lightly inspired by modern art baby blanket, but only very lightly
entirely seamless (border is even in log cabin style construction)

fun fact-this started out as a gauge test of the yarn


What a gorgeous blanket! It’s a wonderful combination of pattern and colors. That’s some gauge swatch.



it started out as a gauge swatch for a round blanket. then I mentioned to my mom that I wanted to try this other idea, the rectangular log cabin style blanket idea. she said “go for it”. so I worked with the two colors I had (the yellow and green were both leftovers) and she later took me to Michaels to pick out another color to go with those two. (the border was put on in september; I started it in June)


Oh wow, such nice colors! Great knitting, too! :thumbsup: