January KH-KAL: Seamless blanket project!


Here’s my log cabin #2, done finally - it’s the baby-sized, though I took some liberties and changed up the pattern a bit. It came out about 40" x 48", on size 8 needles with worsted weight. Hard to tell by the pictures, but that’s chocolate brown, teal, yellow, and an off white. I love the way it turned out.


Looks great CHJ!!! Good work.:yay: :yay: :yay:


[I][COLOR=Blue][B]OH MY!!! [/B][/COLOR][/I] This is a super handsome blanket! So crisp and stunning! You did a fantasic job! I really like the wide border too! It really popped your interior colors!


So very lovely, chj! The colors are modern, fresh, and your knitting so smooth. I failed miserably at my log cabin attempts…cannot seem to count stitches properly. Oh well, it’s nice to see knitters who complete beautiful blankets. Congrats on this!


Woodi, I saw a pic of your LC and you did not fail!!! It is quite lovely, even if your version isn’t like all the rest. I liked the way your rows turned out. Some knitter/designers let the yarn do what it wants to and allows “mistakes” be a part of the artisic design. I read an interview with Frank Zappas daughter (she’s a well known knit designer) and this is her philosophy. Makes perfectg sencse to me.


Hey there!

On a log cabin blanket, you don’t need to count. Just pick up one stitch in every garter bump along the next side. That’s all there is to it! :thumbsup:

No Counting! :wink:


I’m just checking in. :slight_smile:

DH got pulled back to first shift after about three weeks on third and a month later we are finally settling back into our pre-shift change routine.

I’ve started working on my blanket again – I’m about 10 rows into a 36 row section.

It’s getting harder to work on since I can’t break off as quickly as when I was doing shorter rows – it’s harder to just pick up and stop off when I have a minute or two to spare. (I stopped early the other night thinking our show was almost over and it went on for another 10 minutes! I could have finished another 1/2 row in that time. ;))


Happy to hear from you again! Keep pluggin’ away! It’s kinda nice to have a log cabin to work on where you’re feeling tired or taxed!


Hello all~I have begun the moderne blanket but am very unsure how to pick up the garter stitches for the next block. I have seen the instructions here but am still not getting it. Is there a video or something that shows this?? I am afraid I am a visual learner. Many thanks in advance for any help.:stuck_out_tongue:


missmom - Artlady has a picture of her picking up the stitches on page 3 of this thread - maybe that will help?? Good luck!


Hi All,
I have a question for those of you doing the Moderne Baby blanket. I have cast on and knit the first “log” and cast off the stitches, leaving the last one on the needle and am ready to proceed to the second log. What do I do with the remaining stitch on the needle?? Do I leave it in the old color and just start picking up with the new color?? Do I count the last (first color) stitch in the stitch count for picking up with the new color? This seems like such silly question, but I just cant figure it out. Thanks, again, as usual for any help.:grphug:


When Log “A” is the size required, and with RIGHT SIDE facing: bind off across the row. However, the last stitch on your needle stays put. Turn your blanket (like you were making a left turn on a street) and start picking up stitches with the new color for Log B.

For my Moderne, I picked up that ‘first stitch’ of Log B almost in the same hole that the last stitch left over from Log A bindoff row.

When I worked back after the pickup row for Log B, I knit the last two stitches together. The last stitch from Log A, and the first stitch from Log B.

Remember: always bind off with the RIGHT SIDE facing you.
I used a crochet hook to pick up stitches. When my crochet hook had about 20 stitches loaded on it, I fed them off the other end of the crochet hook and onto the awaiting needle. I picked up one stitch in each ridge or stitch.

Hope this helps! :waving:


Thanks for bailing me out once again, Artlady. I sure wish I could take some classes from you. You are so very patient, an excellent teacher and a Master Knitter. Your work is amazing.:wink:


Ahhh shucks! :aww: Your complimentary words are so kind!
You made my evening! Bless you! :hug:


Dudes, the pdf doesn’t load. :frowning:


:?? What pdf?


I think she’s talking about the pdf in the first post. It’s suppose to go to the pdf of the moderne log cabin but the link appears to be broken. This one should work.


[B]Thanks Jodi![/B] :thumbsup:

The pdf link worked ‘back when’. I wonder what happened to un-link it? :think: I doubled back and fixed the original pdf link. I wonder, maybe they expire? Thanks again! I was clueless.


I probably shouldn’t bump this thread since this KAL is long over, but I have been posting my progress all along and I feel like I should keep going. :wink:

I finished another log a few weeks ago and have not been able to start on the next one, only because I need to sit and concentrate in order to start the next color. The colors are growing on me and I’m starting to want to see what it looks like finished.

The spot is apparently on my lens; in another photo I took it overlaps the peach and beige sections.


Hi Katie!

Oh this is turning out just great! Ya know…the Mason-Dixon gals say they ALWAYS have a couple of log cabin blankets OTN. They have one for worsted leftovers, one for dk leftovers, and maybe other weights as well! They say, as soon as they finish a garment project, if there is any leftover tidbits or yardage…they immediately tag it into the ongoing log cabin! Isn’t that just a great way to use even our smallest remnants of yarn?

Anyhoo, this KAL will never be over. Like the sock KAL…you just keep it rollin’ and rollin’!

Will look forward to your progress, no matter how long it takes! Thanks so much for taking time to post the photo! I really appreciate it! Great work!