January KH-KAL: Seamless blanket project!


Ooooo, ArtLady - that’s wonderful! And, dolphie - I love your colors! I am currently project-less (can you imagine??) and thought I’d start another log cabin. Now I don’t know what to do with it (the “regular way” or ArtLady’s new way). Thanks a LOT for making my decision more confusing. :slight_smile:

I did buy yarn, though, so I’m ready to go, one way or another!!


Well, after 5 days up in the high mountains, I’ve made some headway on this LOG CABIN blanket! I’ve completed all but the last 4 ‘rounds’ of one of each color. The photo below still needs a TOAD, SNOWSHOE, COTTONTAIL & TABBY ‘round’. Of course, each ‘round’ isn’t actually ROUND…but rectangular! So that is really 16 LOGS to go! Oy! I picked up the last TOAD log on the way home today (in the truck)…202st!!! And each log has 22 rows/11 ridges! My hand is just aching!

Well, here is my “in progresss” LOG CABIN blanket…in front of the little LOG CABIN that my DH built as a model for the big log cabin! It has no windows. For now, it has two cots and a wood burning stove! Up til this week, he was merely storing tools in it. Now that he has 2 official supply sheds built, the little log cabin is not ‘storage’ anymore!

Isn’t it appropriate to feature a LOG CABIN in front of a LOG CABIN??:teehee:

Here it is, on the Summit…which is over from the meadow where the little log cabin is located! We have 20 acres of forest and meadow and high places, too!

Here are my 4 CITY TWEED HW yarns:

They go well with the mountain environment, don’t they?


Your log cabin afghan is really pretty, of course, as is your land. I like primary colors also.


ArtLady - that is just scrumptious!! I love how you said (on the 17th I think) that it was going “slow”. Ha! You don’t know the meaning of the word!! (Kidding of course…:wink: )

I know what you mean when you say there are X# of logs to go. As you go on, they just keep getting bigger! A log at the beginning is not quite the same as a log at the end!!

Thanks for sharing, you always give me great ideas!!



Plus, did I mention…I am running out of yarn??? I originally purchased 4 of each color…and one extra of Tabby, the darkest brown.

But, here I am…just beginning the FINAL FOUR ROUNDS…the Toad…and I only have 2 skeins of Toad…2 Snowshoe…1 Cottontail…1 Tabby.

These final four rounds almost suck up one skein per side (log)!

So last night I ordered extra from KnitPicks…to give me 4 skeins of each of the colors. I might have partial skeins leftover in the end…but I’ll use them as best I can to make a miniature log cabin pillow cover. I’ve got a couple of ‘old as the hills’ sofa pillows that I use when I’m watching TV ‘vertically’! I’d love to cover at least one of them. Log cabin on one side, the other side could be a solid color stash yarn if the City Tweed runs out.

When I originally ordered my yarn, I based my yardage on Andy Schultz’s Log Cabin yardage. But, he used a US11 (I used a US8)…and so his LC could’ve used less yarn. My LC might be more compact, therefore using more yarn? :think:

I started my center log and exactly matched the dimensions of Andy’s center log…but I remember that my first center log was a whole GOB more cast on stitches, and a whole GOB more ridges to come up to Andy’s measurement of 2.5" x 10".

But, I did not get a nice garter stitch using the US11. Then I swatched with a US10, then a US9…finally, I like the ‘look’ of the garter with the US8. It is what I wanted.

So, that’s prolly part of my yarn dilemma!

I am NOT going to block this blankie! I do think I’ll toss it in the dryer on AIR, with one of those DRYELL “dry cleaning sheets” they advertise on TV. I know my blanket prolly has some Nighthawk Summit dust in it! I knit outside most of the time, and the high winds were really showin’ their stuff! Once in a while…an especially ‘showy’ gust would whip up the powdery dust-like dirt on the mountain…blowing all over creation! So I know this blanket prolly has some Nighthhawk Summit dirt in it!

I think the dryer treatment will fluff up the blanket and remove any dust inside the yarn. I hope!


Artlady your latest LC is beautiful. :muah: :muah: :muah:

Here is the picture of my last LC. It is baby size. I donated to Parkland Hospital NICU as a part of a blanket, bootie, hat drive I conducted to honor our son. I collected a total of 283 items.

Here’s the pic…It was very hard to give this blanket up. I truly felt a connection with it.


It is simply wonderful, luv! I really love the blue and brown together! Andy Schultz, the Rav knitter who inspired me, used Dungaree’s blue along with 3 shades of browns and cream for his Log Cabin…and I totally loved his, too! Blue and brown remind me of the Earth…the Sky and the Soil! Very natural color combination!

I’m assuming you used a washable yarn for it! That would be a good choice!


luvmykid - how pretty! I really do love knitting for charity, and I’m sure someone will cherish your blankie.


Yes, I definitely used washable acrylic. It was very soft. Thank you both for the compliments.


Well I really admire you for making that blanket and for giving it up when it wasn’t easy to do. Kudos to you for that!..and my heart to yours.:heart:


I couldn’t help myself - I started another one. I do wish I could get the colors to show up better in my pictures - the dark color is a chocolate brown, and the other color is a pretty teal. Oh, well!


Looks Great!!!


Very very nice, Chj!..the brown looks black on my screen, but I can make out the teal, love it!


[COLOR=Blue][B]Chj, very nice work! [/B][/COLOR]:thumbsup:

Aren’t LOG CABINS addicting? You cannot have too many blankets…but until I bumped into SEAMLESS blankets…I just didn’t want to knit them unless DESPERATE!


ArtLady - addicting is absolutely correct! These are great to knit while watching TV (you don’t need to pay attention most of the time with straight knitting) and it’s fun changing colors. I find myself drifting off-pattern because I’ll get to thinking I’d like a different color [I]here[/I] or not so much of that color [I]there[/I]… so I change up as I go. It’s like painting or something. I’ve never been artistic, but I can get creative with these. And they are unique when you’re done. I can’t wait to get to it at the end of the day. I’m having fun, for sure!! :happydance:


I have an update. :wink: I finished another log!

I don’t know what’s going to happen with it now. I usually work on it while DH and I watch TV together in the evening, but he has been moved to third shift. I added the new color just before he started, knit a couple of rows, and haven’t picked it up since.


Your log cabin looks so nice and even! Great work! Keep plugging away!


Yay sakura-panda - keep up the good work! :happydance:


Katie, it’s beautiful. I love the colors. I wish you could keep knitting on it, just to show us! Do you absolutely NEED your hubby to sit beside you for you to knit? …is he your creative muse?..or is it just that you don’t watch TV when you’re alone. (I know, none of my business…just curious)


Thanks for the kind words. :slight_smile: Little web photos are so forgiving – there’s lots of little oopsies in that blanket – mostly because I’m inconsistent about which side I bind off and pick up on. I think I’ve got every combination in there. :eyes:

I don’t need him, but knitting is my second hobby. I’m a scrapbooker that knits, so when he is gone, I scrapbook. I knit on my own sometimes, but it’s harder to find time and space to scrapbook, so I do that when I can and then knit when I can’t.

This morning he told me that he is probably going to be back on first shift in a couple of weeks. Hockey season starts soon and I think this year I’m going to stay up and watch more games. :eyebrow:

I’d love to finish that blanket by the end of the year! :thumbsup: