January KH-KAL: Seamless blanket project!


I finished log 6 and now I’ve started the gigantic log 7 and I’m happy because I’m finally starting to use some more of that green. :slight_smile:

When I’m finished with the blanket, I can send you whatever is left over. :teehee: (If you can wait until I’m finished, that is. Four months and I’ve only just started log 7! :oops: )

It’s more of a green than a turquoise. The color is “Mint” and it’s Red Heart Super Saver:

(There are two full skeins and two partial skeins, plus several balls that I didn’t include in the picture. I expect that when the blanket is finished, I will not have even touched these skeins!)

However, it’s RHSS and I know a lot of people don’t like to work with it, so I won’t feel bad if you don’t want it, but you are welcome to it if you want it!


Hi all!

I have not finished either blanket yet but I finish exams on Saturday so perhaps by the end of June I’ll have at least one finished blanket. I have updated my blog and added a picture of the baby blanket. I find it easier to put pictures on there than to upload them here. My blog link is in my sig if you want to look. I will check in a minute and make sure the link actually works.

And now it is probably time I went to bed.


Your blanket looks great, Rache! :slight_smile:

Here’s an update on mine:

I’m about a half dozen rows into Log 7 now. I’ve been pushing to get to this section and now I feel like I can take it a little easier since this is a [I]large [/I]section that uses the color that the blanket was designed around. :wink:


Bump-bitty-bump-bump. :wink:
I’ve finally finished the main part of the blanket (No pics till my camera stops playing hide and seek). I’ve just got to add the edging (and buy the yarn for the said edging but meh.) I did want to do a knitted on lace border, but can’t work out how to do it on a bound off edge? :?? any tips?
How’s everyone else doing?


Couldn’t you just start the edge the same way you started each section? :??

I’m not that far yet, so maybe I’m not getting what you are wondering about. :slight_smile:

I’m still working on my blanket, same log as my last post. I knitted about 9 ridges and added yarn three or four times (my ball had a lot of knots. The history of it is that I frogged an earlier project that had lots of shorter pieces. I didn’t realize this ball was full of knots when I started working with it.)

Then I noticed a dropped stitch about half way down. I tried to fix it, but it didn’t work out, and I decided I might as well frog back and get rid of all those short pieces.

I pulled out three of them by the time I made it back to where I was ready to start over again! That seems like a lot for such a small area and it’s not like I have a shortage of mint-green yarn. :teehee:

I’m now about 19 ridges into that section (out of 36). I really am taking my time. DH and I have started watching TV together at night after the kids are in bed, and that’s 40 - 50 minutes of me working on this project each time. It’s not every night, but as often as we can. :knitting:


I love all of your Fantastic blankets. I am definately going to make one of these. I have to much wool stash & I love bright colours. Thank you for the inspiration.


I ordered 4 colors of KnitPicks CITY TWEED HW yesterday.
I’m gonna knit up a Mininalmist Log Cabin.

This blanket is what inspired me, over at Rav!

Andy Schultz knit the minimalist log cabin using the City Tweed HW! I just fell in total mad love with it!

I’m using the same neutral colors: snowshoe, cottontail, and tabby…
however, instead of adding the blue as he did, I’m adding the green!

Here are my colors:

I’ll start with the center block being green…then work my way out in order: cream, lt brown, med brown. Each color will represented 3 times each, with the outer border being the med brown.

I think it resembles the colors of the forest! Earthy and natural!


I love those colors Artlady. Can’t wait to see it finished.


Thanks Luv! I’m making a different configuation of LOG CABIN this time. Not as exciting as the Moderne style, but I had to have an orderly way to place the colors. I think the Moderne style is great for odd amounts of stash yarn.

This will be my first ‘planned’ LOG CABIN, where I actually have to determine how much yarn to buy, and in which colors!

I can hardly wait for it to get here! I ordered it on Aug 4, it shipped out on Aug 5th. Now I’m stalking the mailman til then.
And I’m giving the side-eye to any UPS and FEDEX trucks, too! :teehee:


It will be lovely. I feel sorry for the mailman though :roflhard:

I have been going through my huge stash today & pulling out all the lovely bright colours I want to make my blanket in like your Jamacian blanket Artlady. I am now planning where to put the colours. It is fun.


I made a black and white diagram of my Jamaica blanket and filled in the blocks (logs) with the colors before beginning.

You can also make colored squares separately, and move them around until you get a good color placement.

I can hardly wait to see yours! :thumbsup:


I got my 16 yr old son to show me how to make the quilt block outlines & fill in the colours in microsoft word. I started the blanket 2 nights ago & I finished block 2 last night & wondered why it wasn’t sitting right. I had counted the ridges on block 1 by 2’s :roflhard:
I had to frog block 2 & am now knitting the other half of block 1 :slight_smile: It won’t take me long too knit back to where I was. Block 1 is red, Block 2 is forest green & block 3 is bright yellow.


I have completed block 1 & 2 now & they look perfect. :woot:
I will get my 16 yr old son to add photos this weekend.


I got rollin’ on my MINIMALIST LOG CABIN last night!
It is knit with Knit Picks City Tweed HW.
Four skeins of Snowshoe, Cottontail and Toad.
Five skeins of Tabby.

Casted on with a US8. Makes a denser, cushier garter stitch!
Warm and cozy! The first block (Toad) is 2.75" x 10". This will guarantee that the blanket will turn out rectangular! Each of the logs will be 11 ridges, which measures about 2.75", too.

The “minimalist” basically goes round and round in rectangles-around rectangles. You can change colors for every log, [I][B]or [/B][/I]you can make a c[U]omplete one color 4-sided ‘fence’[/U], and each fence in a different color as you work your way out!

I intend to take this LOG CABIN up to the mountains with me. I’m tired of bickering with DH about the temperature in the cab of the truck. I freeze in summer cuz of his air conditioning…and if I turn it off…he rolls down his window…and that draft circulates right behind MY head! So, this warm and cozy blankie is going to be my saviour and sanity!

I am modeling mine after [I]this one below,[/I] seen on Rav!

Andy and I used the same yarn, and all the same
neutral colors…except Andy used Dungarees for his
accent color! I love his, too…but wanted mine to more
closely resemble the forest…trees, bark, moss and ferns!

Andy got his inspiration from this Log Cabin:

This is my yarn:


It looks great. This is my progress so far.


:yay: :yay: :yay: I love the bright colors you are using. Looking good.


I adore the primary colors, and especially together! I think primary colors are so happy! They remind me of CRAYON CRAYOLAS from my childhood, too!

Great job! :thumbsup:


Am plugging along. Using the US8 needle is slow-going…but it is creating a nice ‘cushy’ garter stitch!


Looking good. I love the colors. They are nice,neutral and sophisticated.


It looks lovely & is growing fast.