January KH-KAL: Seamless blanket project!


Woodi! This blanket is coming along wonderfully! I really do love the colors and the arrangements! Good job! Now, where’d ya find the sun? :?? I wanna get me some, too!:teehee:


Sun is shining here today, and it’s getting up into the 70’s tomorrow - yippee! (not expected to last, but it’s a promise of things to come…)

Did you notice that on some areas I seem to have two ‘box ends’ together, before adding the next color?..dang! I may yet have to make a 4th blanket to get it right. It bugs me that I cannot seem to follow the pattern. Maybe it’s cuz I knit at 3AM, or while watching TV, or in the car, or…

and luvmykid: how do you get your stitches so smooth and even? Is there a trick to it?..or do I need to practice a few hundred more hours…


You blankie looks great. I love the colors. I have no idea how I get my sts even. I just knit. Thank you for the compliment. Someone else said that to me the other day too. Maybe it’s the way I wrap the working yarn around my pinkie twice and knit with a very little slack in my yarn. I knit English styleDunno:??
I love garter st cause it is so brainless. It’s what I do when I have to pay attention to DD and DH. No counting involved…


Woodi! I think your blanket is perfect. I ‘eyeballed’ the ‘path’ that your logs take…and it seems right to me!


Thank you. I am still going on it, here it is today, Sunday:

I think I might stop the square now, as I don’t want a square blankey…(I think) and put a wide border on each side, then continue knitting wide stripes top and bottom. Will that look strange?


That will be perfect! :thumbsup:


Hey Woodi! I think I worked out where your pattern started to go off center (not that it matters). You’re going anticlockwise until the first lot of buff, but when you change to green you start going clockwise. then you appear to have realised you’ve gone wrong somewhere and tried to “fix” it. which makes it really creative. And it’d be great to give to a really obsessive kid (like I was) and see how long it takes for them to work out that the colours repeat but the pattern doesn’t. And your stitches look nice and even. Of Course if you want to knit some more Log Cabins to get it perfect…
Thi is all your fault Artlady. I can just see me walking into NarcAnom and saying “Hi, my name is Vixxen, and I’m addicted to LogCabins. Sometimes, the urges get so bad, I want to share needles between projects.” :roflhard:
Meh, It’s better than crack.
Oh and Woodi, how’d you read my KnitNotebook all the way canada? Lol, seeing as I’ve scraped the “extra end logs” idea feel free to take it.
On a “I’m going to pretend to be serious note” about how much yarn did it take for people to do their trims? I’ve got a week to get the last 2 and a half logs done and the trim and that means I have to get the yarn for it tommorrow.
And a picci of my progress…
Wow, Long post. too much coffee and sleep depravation.
:x: FV


Always happy to feed a knitting addiction!!!

PS: the new log cabins are looking just wonderful!!!


Hey Vixxen,
You got that right about the addiction. I love the colors you choose for your blanket.

I kinda took a break form my lates LC to work on a lace scarf. I need to get back to it. I’m about 1/2 complete. Maybe I’ll post another pic next week, when I have more done.


oh FV, that was so funny! I am flattered though, that you took the time to figure out where I went wrong, hehe. Good sighting!

I love your blue tones, very soothing. Please keep going on it, I want to see it bigger… and where is it again, that I can find your knittingblog?


I’m still working on my blanket. I’m happy to see that I’m not alone, even if I’m the only one still on my [I]first [/I]blanket. :blush: :eyes: :roflhard:

I paged back (and back and back and back :lol:) and I found I haven’t posted a picture since I finished the second log. I have a picture with 3/4s of the fourth log completed and I just finished log 5 a couple of days ago. I’ll have to post the one and take a picture of the other.

After I finished log 5, I decided to wind into a ball what was left of the skein. I think – mostly hope – that I have enough yarn for log 6, which is the last log in this color. I’m torn between wanting to have enough for the pattern and wanting to use it all up! :knitting: :teehee:


Thanks Woodi! My Blogs Address is
That’s right, it doesn’t exist. I also don’t have Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, ect, ect. I do have rav, I’ll pm you my username.
And Sakura_Panda, I’m still working on my first LogCabin. I just happen to be working on my second and a third blanket, and a bunch of non blankety projects. What can I say, I have KADD.
:x: FV


I’m also still on my first blanket, exams keep interfering with my knitting time! The second one is marginally more pressing as baby cousin is due right after I finish exams but I haven’t told my aunt about it so it won’t matter that it is absolutely not going to be finished before baby is born and probs not before winter at this rate.


I really am not alone! :thumbsup: I’ve been joking that I’m doing a log a month and I’m right on track for that. :roflhard:

Here is my “Log 3 complete” photo, with 3/4 of Log 4 done ;), taken March 27:

I didn’t get a chance to take one for Log 4 before I finished Log 5.

Here is Log 5 (and the start of Log 6) taken a few minutes ago:

Would you believe I chose this project specifically to use up that awful green? :lol: (By the pattern, I’ll be using a lot more green soon; it’s just funny to see that so far I’ve used green the least.)


SK - Your blanket is looking great. It is funny about the green. Can’t wait to see more. Way to go…:yay:


It looks FANTABULOUS! :thumbsup: Your stitches look so nice and even, too!


Hey, I thought I should show off my Bushfire LC. this one is alot more annoying to knit then the blue one (why, I don’t know. just one of those things I guess.).
I’m up to the long sides, and timed myself so I’d know roughly how long it’d take to get to the first colour change. it’s half an hour to 2 rows. 13 garter bumps-3, 3 and a half hours. Hmm, that seems a little short. Can anyone else pick up where I went wrong?
That’s right, there are two rows to every garter bump. the moral of this story: I cannot do basic math.
PS: That means I have approxinately 6 and a half hours until the first colour change.:thud:
PPS: the green-nowhere near as radioactive in real-life
:x: FV


sakura-panda: the turquoise you don’t like is my favorite color! I painted my bedroom with it. My son and his wife think it’s awful, but I still love it…reminds me of being at Lake Louise in Banff, Alberta, Canada. The water IS that color.

rachem: good luck with the baby birthing! Hope you get the blankey finished in time. Are exams over yet?

FV: always find your knitting intriguing. Love the squares, the colors.


WOW! What a wonderful collection of colors! I love them together! :heart:


Unfortunately still revising for exams, they finish May 30th. Fancy having exams on Saturdays! I’m revising currently for an exam on Friday (22nd) that I am beginning to worry about because I have realised I have no hope of remembering all of the information - I’m just gonna concentrate on a few topics that I understand knowing that there is a lot of choice for the essay question so something I can do should come up.

Blankey is growing, slowly, I’m on log 7. Pics will follow, probs after exams and when I figure out where I left my camera.