January KH-KAL: Seamless blanket project!


Thanks everyone.

Woodi, looking good. I like the thought of of the light/dark effect.

Mine 2nd LC is coming along. I’ll post pix soon. I am also working on a 6 hr Afghan. I am using 4 strands of Lion Homespun held together and size 50 needles. It’s really kinda silly knitting with such large needles, but it goes fast and I love the coziness of it so far. I’ll post pix of that too soon. I have enough Homespun to make 3 of these afghans. I know what I’m making for Christmas:)


Oh, lovemykid…I want to see this 6-hour afghan. Sounds like a great idea for great Xmas gifts. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen size 50 needles. Great fun!

Here’s more of my ghan: (got the flu today, so sitting tight and knitting):


Sorry you have the flu, but what great reason to just sit and knit. I think I’m coming down with something, too. (cough, cough) LOL. Actually I was sick last month and didn’t enjoy it one tiny bit. I will get a chance to do some real knitting this weekend, as we are going on a 3 hour road trip and then we will be sitting a lot at a car show. I can’t wait. Hope you feel better soon.

Here’s the 6 hr afghan pattern. I am borrowing a friend’s needles and have a pair on order.http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/80215AD.html


LuvMyKid - that’s a great picture with DD!! It’s fun to see someone appreciate the work when it’s all done. I started and finished another log cabin (sort of). I posted the pictures on the other thread (http://www.knittinghelp.com/forum/showthread.php?t=90635). That one went fast, got it done in about 2-1/2 weeks. Moving on to the next project!!


Luv~ Wonderful photo! :heart: Beautiful blanket and beautifuller child!

Woodi~ I love the new blankie! Good progress! :thumbsup:


I just measured my two finished blankets and they are both about 34"by42". What size is everyone else making?


Thank you Chj. I checked out your blankie. I love it. I might have to give that pattern a try.


My 1st one measured 32 x 35. My next will be about 36 x 40.


Every time I click on that Lion Brand link, it gets me to a page which says I need to register. So I just did. Waiting for my email confirmation, so I can go in and look at the link you posted. Thanks!

Got it! Looks deliciously cozy. As soon as I can find some yarn I’ll begin it.

Have a great road trip, luvmy!


It’s so much fun because it’s just free-form and you can do whatever you want. Got the idea from ArtLady & her camo-blanket. It wasn’t exactly the same, but the same idea. (Thanks again, ArtLady!!) :wink:


Well, log nine has been compleated and the yarn has just about run out. I have an annoying ammount of evil yarn left, too much to chuck, not enough to do… really anything with. Maybe I’ll make a matching cushion cover :think:
Anyway, I’ve now at 90cm/1 yard square. I’ve bought some yarn to finish it off and will hit lincraft for the replacment I’ve found (Lincraft Romance) for the discontinued brand (moda vera trinity) asap.
It looks like I may be good to go for mothers day. :woot:
:cool: FV


Yay, Firey Vixxen - great to be making progress! I have a fair amount of yarn left also, so my stash is larger than before I started. :tap: I like your idea of a matching cushion cover. I’ve also thought of making a small matching blanket for my CATS, who jumped on my new blanket the second I laid it out to take a picture.


Or a blanket that matches your cats so the fur won’t show. :lol:


Hee hee! You are right Jan - I just need to do more knitting in ligh colors so the cat hair doesn’t show. Those dark solids show every single hair. :tap:


Here is a progress picture of my 2nd LC Blanket. It is for a charity project I have started called “Make 1 for Morgan” Here’s the link and the picture.


It is soooo wonderful to read about all the Seamless Blankets still in the works! New ones and old ones! Ya just gotta love the seamless theme!!! Whoohooo!

I love my LOG CABINS. I kept one for myself to take in the truck when we go up to the mountain tops. DH and I tussle over the ‘heat dial’ in the cab! :teehee: Sometimes I just give up and COVER UP with a big parka! Now I have a super huge WOOL LOG CABIN for meself! :happydance:


Thank God for Log Cabins! I’m having one of those weeks and I swear this is the only thing keeping me from Killing some of my floormates!
Just to vent:
I left my glasses at home. not my reading glasses, my I-need-to-see-the-other-end-of-the-room glasses. hense I cannot read the lecture slides, and feel quite nervous leaving my room. thus I’m stuck at home where…
I have a floormate whom is playing music rather loudly. unfortunatly, his taste in music tends to suck. do you think some headphones on his doorhandle would be too subtle? And…
I feel guilty about not having started my zoology research project. And…
My computer keeps complaining that there is no room on the harddrive and crashing-I’m not downloading to the harddrive. IT WAS HALF EMPTY TWO WEEKS AGO (I moved my music). And…
I’ve lost my knitting mojo. I should have finished a little no effort cupcake. I have knitted these previously in one or two afternoons. No, going into week two and picking up this project just seems too hard.
But on the plus side, I’ve nearly completed my first log of my Bushfire Blanket, and I now know there is over a movie length between colour changes, so this will be able to travel with me once I’ve gotten my research project out the way. And maybe by then I’ll be onto the big logs-I reckon I’ll be able to see 3 movies no probs before a colour changeCrossed Fingers
:hair: FV


Sorry about your floormates FV! I’ve had similar experiences with my housemates over the last year. All someone has to do is mention Hollyoaks and I get annoyed.

My log cabin is the only thing getting me through revision at the moment - I get so bored listening back to the lectures and reading through the notes that knitting while I do it helps me focus.

I’ve started another one, the Moderne Baby Blanket. My aunt is expecting her third baby in June so I’ve put my big one on one side to work on it. I’m on log 4, about 10 ridges in. Its very therapeutic I must say. Having nice easy knitting projects to go back to when my brain refuses to take anything else in is very soothing.

All the blankets so far look gorgeous :inlove:


FV~ :hug:
Although your days are crapola right now, you haven’t lost you sense of humor! Big Hug! :hug:

rach~ Log Cabins are the best blanket concept! They might not be “beeeeauuuutiful” like the GAAA…but they are HANDSOME!
And sturdy! And dependable! :teehee:


Well it looks like you started a real fad here, artlady!

My third blankey is coming along ok…made a few design booboos, but didn’t frog out. It will have to do. I’m sure you could pick them out, but lucky recipient won’t likely notice. Here it is today: