January KH-KAL: Seamless blanket project!


I am finished and I am very please with the way my blanket turned out. I wiil wrap it up and give to DD for Easter. My DH was very impressed with it last night. I learned so much from this project. I can’t wait to start another


Oh I really like it! especially the part where you make the colors go around in a spiral. Interesting combo of colors too! I bet your daughter will really enjoy it. Now you can begin your next project. What will it be?


It’s beautiful, Luv!

:psst: [COLOR=Gray]Your photo needs to be resized though. [/COLOR]:teehee:


It looks lovely! Very pretty colours.


Luvmykid - nice!! You did a great job, fun colors. Isn’t is fun to finish??


I’m not done yet. Its become my revision blanket, I work on it while listening to the lectures I recorded - breaks up the boredom a bit and I pay more attention to the lecture if I have something to do with my hands. I’ve stuck a photo on my blog.


Thank you for the compliments. I have started some pet pals bunnies for Easter, a market bag and I searching for the next big thing. So many choices in my que. Will let post on the stash train when I decide.


@ luvmykid28: it’s lovely!

@ rachejm: keep up the good work.

time for me to pickup my blanket again.


Well, I have been thinking about my next LC ever since I finished my 1st one. I started it today. I am very excited about this one, because I am donating it to the NICU in the hospital where I gave birth to my son. More details to come…


Way to go Luv! The LC is a satisfying project, and a donation of a LC will be really really satisfying!!! You’ll be sure and show it to us before sending if off to its new home, right? :thumbsup:


[B]Artlady[/B]: Your DGS and DGD look so thrilled with their blankets! It must be so much fun for you to knit for them. :inlove:

Very pretty blanket, [B]luvmykid[/B]! I’m still waiting to hear the reaction for your DD when she finds out that blanket really is hers. :teehee:

I am still working on mine :knitting: – I’m about 3/4 of the way done with log #4. I’ve even taken a picture of it, but it’s still in the camera. :eyes:

Now that I’m back to work (since Monday) it’s going to be harder for me to make time to work on it. Last night I was just staring at it while nursing the baby, wondering when I would get to work on it again. :pout:

Pretty soon I’m going to be in this thread all by myself. :eyebrow: :roflhard:


Sakura don’t worry about the knitting, it will be there when you have time. New babies are very time consuming and give way more gratification.


I finished my striped stockinette blankey. It sits here on a double bed, so you can get an idea of its size.

and widthwise:

the bottom is stockinette, with 3 rows reverse stockinette. Both sides are 3 knit stitches.

and the top is all reverse stockinette:

I like to distinguish a top from a bottom on an afghan, so you don’t accidentally tuck the stinky feet part under your chin, but that’s just a silly hangup of mine.


Great job! Wow! That is a big blankie!!! Good colors, lots of fun!!


I love that blanket Woodi.


Oooo pretty one, Woodi!


I am just today starting another blanket…in the log cabin design, but not being as creative as I was with the first one. This one is in beige, green, white, tan and brown. Pics to come later…


Well, I gave it to DD the night before Easter. I told her that I didn’t want her to think that the Easter Bunny knit it for her. She loved it.


That is great!! She looks like she loves it!!


You got a winner there! looks much loved already.

Here’s my newest one, not following the pattern originally started, more of a square (so far)…

Not sure what to do next, color-wise. I don’t plan ahead, just like to fly by the seat of my pants, so to speak.

I think I’ll need to buy more colors, for a light/dark effect. Maybe a solid darker brown, and a darker green. For the light, I’ll need white and maybe a paler yellow? Off to shop!