January KH-KAL: Seamless blanket project!


chj and dreamsherl, wow just WOW. :passedout: great work! :thumbsup:


Chj and Dreamsherl, those are gorgeous!! :yay:


[B]Update! [/B]

I gave the seamless stashghans to Celeste and Caleb this weekend!
I was SURPRISED how much they loved them!!
Happily surprised! And they remembered all the sweaters that were represented in the left-over yarns in these two stashghans!
“Oh, that’s my coat yarn! Oh, that’s Caleb’s sweater! Oh, I remember this yarn! That’s my poncho yarn!”

[B]Happy Ending![/B]

They stayed snuggled in their stashghans all day and evening!


Dreamsherl, I DO love your colors! Nice, very nice!! I didn’t block, I’m not much for that… But I just used plain old acrylic, so if you used something more exotic, then maybe(?)

ArtLady, how fun to see the blankies in action! It’s one thing for us to take pics of our work all by itself, but it’s another to see them being loved by the recipients. What a great picture!



Everyone, your blankets look amazing. :heart: :heart: :heart: I am almost finished too. I will run out of yarn this week probably. DD still doesn’t know it’s for her.


Artlady, they look so happy! It’s so cool that they remember all the sweaters and such that were knit from the yarns. What a truly great keepsake that they can have and remember long after they’ve grown.


Dreamsherl, Your blanket is wonderful. Great colors.

I’m loving everyone’s blankets. I’m really liking the modern LC. Oh well. I have to finish the 2 I started before I even think about another one. As slow as I knit, that will be awhile! :teehee:


Thanks CHJ. I like the colors in your blanket. I’m not going to block it. I’ll just get it ready to mail. Now I can spend more time on my sweater.


I didn’t block my Log Cabins either, with the exception of Caleb’s wood grain.
I pinned the outside edges to stretch them and misted them and left them til dry. It helped but not a lot. But there’s [B][I]no way [/I][/B]I was gonna undo that border, and reknit the problem areas just to get rid of a little wonkiness for a kid’s tv blanket that’ll prolly never be seen laying flat again as long as it lives! :roflhard: It’s prolly in a jumbled pile on the couch now, if he’s not under it already!


What a wonderful pic, Artlady! Such happy faces, makes the work all the more worthwhile. Thanks for sharing your lovely grandchildren with us.


I’ve begun a new blankey, this time using all one type of yarn. And rather than log cabin, I’m doing stripes. I have 7 balls, so I knit until one ball is gone, then change.

but I’d like everyone’s advice on pattern, cuz I’m making this up as I go along (typical me). I like to add in a few stripes of garter stitch for more raised texture. The first two stripes are three rows, the thicker stripe is 5 rows. Here’s the pic.

I am also using very fat needles, and alternating English style knitting with continental, which I learned last year. So the tension is not as smooth as I’d like it, but I’m sure it will improve in time.

any tips on where to put more fat garter stitch stripes? I’ve just begun the darker purple, and can’t decide if I should continue the exact stripey pattern I began in the light purple (i.e. two thins, one thick, every 10 rows)…or can I just stick in a few rows of garter wherever …for a more abstract design???

Thanks in advance!


I would stick with the established garter stripes. Two thin, one thick; two thin, one thick, etc. It is already interesting enough with the color changes.

If you were gonna talk ‘abstracty’…then rather than making a fatter-yet garter stripe, throw in a seed st stripe sequence, or a double moss stripe sequence; or some lacey stripes with eyelets.

One type of sequence per color.

Great knitting by the way! Your stitches look perfect!!!
Good idea to practice your continental and english style knitting on a blanket! I will do that next time!


Thanks Artlady! I will play around with it. So far I’m just doing stockinette with the dark purple. I like it.

uh-oh, the bottom has rolled. I guess garter stitch doesn’t make a good border this way:

You can see when I pull it down how much is not showing:

So now I have another question. What if I were to cast off the dark purple, turn the whole thing around, and cast on at bottom of light purple (where my fingers are) and continue in that direction.

Then, when I get to the border, do something other than garter stitch. I wonder what might make a good border: k3p3 rib? or seed stitch? …something?

BUT: if I cast off at dark purple, will I need a border there too?


When you’re doing stockinette it’s probably better to have a wider border. :shrug: That’s going to be so pretty though!


Well I went ahead and made some changes. I cast off the dark purple when the ball was done, turned the work, picked up a row along the light purple with medium blue (the blanket will be wide stripes of light, dark, light, dark etc…) and continued in stockinette. However, I will still need an edging at both ends.

So far:

I found one on Ravelry, doesn’t look too difficult, so will try it and post later. it’s here: http://nestasglennknitting.blogspot.com/


Go Woodi! That looks really pretty. Hope the border works to stop the stockingette rolling.
I’m now up to log 8. I’ve also started to seam together a Inheirited blanket (rather than frog it) and finish off the unfinished panel, then I’m going to log cabin the remainder and donate it to Wrap with Love for the bushfire victims. It’s been an Interesting experiance. the person who had this before me knits alot looser than I do and I had to go from a 4.5mm needle to a 5mm needle and you can still tell where I started because it’s a little bit tighter. Also they used an odd (to me) cast on so the beginning that I frogged took a while. And selveage stitches-Strange and New experiance. Still, someone’s hard work will go to someone deserving. Finally. Yay for motivation!
:x: FV


Good for you sticking with it, Fiery Vixxen! My first blankey was so lumpy and uneven, even had a ruffle on one side cz I changed needle sizes, but it is going to a charity and I’m sure some little kid will be happy to receive it.


Thanks for your update Vixxen! LOG 8…you are in the homestretch!!!


I only have 3 more rows to go. Wanted to finish last night in the car, but I just couldn’t see. Will post pic of it finished tomorrow.


I look forward to your pics, luvmykid!