January KH-KAL: Seamless blanket project!


Well I’m done, finished, kaputznik! I made a BIG mistake, so now it’s off-the-needles and as soon as I weave in all the loose ends, this silly binkey is going up to a native reserve for hopefully one toddler there may find it beautiful.

The mistake: I switched to larger needles, ended the square pattern, and decided to knit just stripes (see bottom of blanket in pic). I erroneously thought that if I switched to a larger needle (from 4.5 mm to 5 mm) that it would go faster, look less ‘tight’.

Lesson learned:

"Never, never switch needle sizes halfway through a project!"
Well, maybe someone will think it’s a flaired bottom…meant for tucking your feet into…?

I learned a lot from doing this project. I’m now anxious to do one that is better planned, with all-the-same type of yarn, and without switching needles halfway. Sheesh.

Oh well, it was fun sharing my blunders with you. Hopefully, some of you will learn another what-not-to-do or three.


Well, even though it’s got lots of ‘curves’…it is still a beautiful combination of colors and yarns, and you did arrange the colors very nicely! It is very striking! Good work! And bless you for sticking with it!


Yes, I agree with Artlady, it’s a lovely combination of colors. SOmeone will be proud to have it. The next will be all the better. I always like to learn from each of my projects.


Woodi, I have to say I kinda like it. Maybe if you went all the way around with the larger needles so it was all “ruffley” it would look more normal, but it’s a lovely, colourful, textureful blankie. and the most important things are:
1-is it cuddley?
2-is it warm?
and if there aren’t a few stuff ups, how do people know it was made with love?
:x: FV


Thanks for your words of encouragement, everyone! and FieryVixen: that’s a good idea, putting a wide ruffle all around…pondering, pondering…
BUT: I’m a bit weary of this project now, almost like the feeling you get after a big, wonderful meal…
and am already planning a new blankey, perhaps favoring Artlady’s stripes. Haven’t chosen the yarn yet, but it will be all one type of yarn, (I think…). and likely in yellows, reds, oranges…with a green toner. I’m done with the blues for this winter. (and the S.A.D.s - yay! it worked.) Thank you artlady, for bringing me through the blues of another horrid, cold Canadian winter.

I’d like next to make something straight and perfect - just to see what THAT might look like, lol.

Meanwhile, I am working on the Yarn Harlot’s scarf pattern. Looking at the scarf, I’m thinkin’: I could make a bunch of these and sew them all together for a blankey - good idea? or not?.. here it is now:
It’s made with Wiggles TLC yarn, hence the tiny ‘worms’ in it.


I have lurked a while, but having just begun my log cabin squares, I couldn’t help but ask for some guidance. I’ve attached my FIRST attempt at a log cabin square, but as you can see, it’s smaller at the bottom. I think that’s because I was still figuring out how many stitches to pick up (I think I didn’t pick up enough). What do you think (please ignore the color scheme; I have some nice new purple scheme yarns when I finally figure out how to do this)! Thanks a million. I’ve seen everyone’s work and just love all of them.


Saldina, welcome to KH!

The narrow part is where you started right? It looks like you picked up too many stitches which ends up increasing.


It looks to me like when you finished the lower light blue log, you cast off and forgot to turn the blanket to the left an then pick up the sts. It looks like you picked up sts across the bottom og the log and started you new color. Remember to always turn to the left and then pick up sts. I hope this helps.


Woodi~ I LOVE the yarn you’re making the Yarn Harlot scarf!!!


I’m seaming up my corners! :woohoo: :woohoo:


we want pictures:)


Good for you! Can’t wait to see your photos!!!


I’ve done very little since I last checked in. Mainly cos I was reading the Yarn Harlot’'s blog and got the urge to cast on a sock - what can you do? But, its nearly the end of term and I am 700 words from finishing all my coursework, that will be it, just exams to go! Then I’ll graduate - that’s a scary thought.

Anyway, what all that means is that I will have much more knitting time soon, while I’m listening back to my lecture notes (which I recorded specifically so I can revise on the go or while doing something else).


Thanks for checkin’ in!! Good luck on EXAMS and graduation!


yes, good luck to you, Rachejm! Kudos on sticking it out, never easy. I don’t envy you the exams though…memories of mine way back in time.
I’m glad to hear you’ll get back to knitting soon, and back in here too.


Hi Dreamsherl - I’m done knitting too, and finishing up the corners!! Woo hoo for us!! I have a lot of ends to weave in as well. I’ve tried to keep up with them as I went, but I always have it in the back of my mind, what if I decide to rip something out? I am SO ready to get this thing sewn up and photographed so I can go onto other things!!



Hey! Got 'er done! I still can’t get the color I’d like on these pictures. I should have finished it while the sun was still shining. :stuck_out_tongue:

But anyway, here it is. (Molly had to try it out…) Onward to other projects!


:cheering: Oooh! I love it! The colors are gorgeous.

I’m still so far from done it’s silly!


Here is is everyone, one finished log cabin baby blanket. I love the colors. I may make another one in the future with my left over yarn. Should I block?


[SIZE=7]Oh wow! :passedout:
[SIZE=4]Both blankets are wonderful! Great work! The stitches look perfect! You should be very proud!!!

I’m proud of you all!!!