January KH-KAL: Seamless blanket project!


Pretty! Love your blanket, Jessica!


Here is my final seamless stashghan for quite some time!
It is for Caleb, my grandson. It is a ‘movie night’ blanket.

It used up 1,182 yds of stash.


Artlady, as always your knitting looks great. Do you know how much stash you used overall on all 3 stashghans?

I am moving a bit slower on my LC these days. I had to change to longer cables on my options. I ordered 60" ones and they arrived today. I also took a break from this project to make a hat. This one is now too big to knit on the go. I’m still hoping to finish for Easter, so far it measures about 28" x 28". I’ll post a picture soon.


Artlady, I love it!! I can’t believe how quickly you knit! I think I’d be done with the stashgans too by now! Great job on all of them.


Yup, according to my Ravelry project notes, I used a total of 4,911 stash yards for these 3 seamless blankets1 :happydance:


What size is this one, Artlady? - it’s stunningly beautiful!


wheeehooo. Way to go. You must have a BIG stash…:slight_smile:


It is 42" x 56". Thanks! It was hard to work on being mostly Red Heart Super Saver yarn. I guess I’m spoiled. For acrylic yarn, Caron’s Simply Soft is the best. Red Heart has better grades of acrylic, too. But this Super Saver stuff is really their worst. But, I got it because of the ‘camouflage’ and ‘woodsy’ variegated colorways!

And I needed a yarn that is washable for the kids.

Anyhoo, I am pleased with it, and I’m glad it is DONE!

My husband liked it so well he was nancing around the topic of ‘give it to me’ and make something else for Caleb! :roflhard: Yeah right, buddy, in your dreams!


The size of my STASH is ridiculous. That’s why I’m on the Stash Train this whole entire year, with no pit stops EXCEPT if I have to buy a skein to FINISH a stash project.

I am slowly emptying out bags, bins & baskets! :cheering:


I love your “Movie Night” blanket! I’m sure Caleb will love it!


Hi Everyone.
I have been following the posts and everyone’s blankets look wonderful. Here is an update on my blanket.


dreamsherl I love your colors in your blanket.It looks wonderful.


@[I]Dollyce[/I], love the job you did on Caleb’s blanket! :thumbsup:

@[I]Dreamsherl[/I], the blanket looks great :slight_smile:


Very very classy, dreamsherl! WOW! Love it!!!


Dreamsherl, looks great.


Everybody’s blankets look wonderful. Once again I am stunned by your speed of knitting Artlady.

i am itching to start another log cabin blanket. I have a load of cotton in off white, might have a dying session over the Easter holiday in three weeks time and use what ever colours they make for me.


Holy cow, I’ve been gone for about a week, and everyone is going to town! Jeez, Artlady, that camo/striped blankie is AWESOME! Dreamsherl, I love your colors, too, and Jessica, you are moving right along (great colors)!! I’ve taken a few detours with mine and changed my mind about where it was going a couple of times. I’m on the edges, finishing up one intarsia section. I have one border edge done. But it’s slow going since the sides are so long. I have to get this thing done before the weather gets warm because I won’t want to be draped in the thing at that point!! I need to put the sock and the scarf away… :knitting:


Thanks chj! We appreciate your kind words, and your UPDATE!
Sounds like you are right on target!:thumbsup:


Working on Log 20. I switched to 40" cables. I think it measures somewhere around 26x30. Whenthe yarn runs out, I’m finished. DD holds it up everday, hinting that she would really like to have it. I haven’t told her that I’m making it for her. Will give it to her for Easter.


Wonderful work, luv! Your garter stitches look so perfect and even!
Way to go! Thanks for the photo update!!!