January KH-KAL: Seamless blanket project!


Hi Sandi! OHHHHHHH MY! Your blanket is simply DIVINE!
I [COLOR=Red][B]love[/B][/COLOR] the colors so much! Way to go!!!


Pretty one, Sandi!!:yay:


Weezie, I love the color arrangement. Can’t wait to see all the others your going to knit.


Weezie, I love your blanket. I really like the added border.


Very nice, Sandi!! :thumbsup:


I’m guessing that weezie is sandi?..love your knitting! The colors really vibrate. Is it the yarn? or the color changes?..or just maybe my computer screen,

anyways, Kudos to you!:yay:


Yep, Weezie is me, Sandi.

The pictures are distorted because of my picture editing software. I’m not that bright when it comes to techy stuff, so I just re-size my pics so I can post them here and the pixels have to be so low that it’s really grainy. In a way, it makes it look “swirly” on here, which actually looks kinda cool, but I just used Simply Soft in simple pastel colors, so it’s really a much more “mellow” looking blanket than the pic shows. Would be fun to find yarn that looked like the picture though!!

I just had these colors around for parts of another project and had really no use for them for anything else, so thought they’d be perfect to use up for this log cabin stashghan… turns out they were! These are not my favorite colors, nor do they really fit my definitely pink granddaughter and definitely blue grandson, so I thought I’d donate it to charity, but now I’m thinking it might just stay here and the kiddos can use it when they come and visit us!

I’m not a color-coordinating person, just never been good at it, but watching all of you on this KAL has given me a lot of inspiration to just “go for it” and try anything… I just love some of the color combinations you all have chosen.

Thank you all for your kind words!


Yes! Sandi - your blankie is so pretty! I know what you mean, I have trouble getting colors in the photo to really be what they look like in person. But yes, it is fun to see everyone’s ideas - so many different ways to do this!! The possibilities are endless. :yay:


Very pretty blankets!!!


Weezie, your blanket is so beautiful! I just love the colors, especially the lavender and yellow together - they’re my favorite colors. Great job!


I think I need counselling help (as in psychological)…I cannot stop knitting on this lapghan, even though I ran out of edging thread 4 inches ago, when it was 32 by 32 and I was intending to end it.

Instead, I thought: gee, 32 by 38 would be even better. So I abandoned the log cabin square, and continued knitting stripes on one side only. It is now 32 by 36 and still going…

Help me! Is there a doctor in the house?


:hug: You’re in good company!


Woodi – that blanket is going to be quite a conversation piece if you ever manage to stop working on it! :rofl: It’s very pretty so far! :thumbsup:

Here is a photo of my blanket – I’m a bit farther now on log #3, but not much. :lol:


Lookin’ real good so far!!! :thumbsup:


Just wanted to post an update of my progress. I was working on this pretty steadily, but then I had to put it down to work on a baby blanket and haven’t picked it up since. I guess it’ll just be my easy project for a while longer. Right now it measures about 30" x 30" square. My new set of Options came the other day, and I’m really looking forward to finally getting this on a longer cable. :happydance:


Jessica, I love your blanket! It looks great!


Your blanket looks lovely, Jessica.


Katie and Jessica, love your blankeys!

I’m taking a break from my blanket and knitting up this Yarn Harlot scarf for a bit. Need a color change.

but now I’m thinking: this could be the start of a new blankey!


Love it…


Wow, that’s gorgeous, Jessica!