January KAL: Seamless blanket>planning updates

That should be pretty and that is a great idea! I don’t have Word (Works instead), but I use Paint Shop Pro so I’ll do the same thing. Only problem now is the stash I have is not fabulous and not something I’d want for myself so I’m not sure if I’ll make and donate it or what just yet… :think:

Know what you mean, Jan.

The washable acrylic stash yarn that I could be used for a DGD for a TV blankie…but the Calmer isn’t washable, and just too expensive for a TV blankie, and besides that, her mother doesn’t hand wash anything. So it wouldn’t be fair to either of us.

The washable acrlics is the way I’m leaning the more I think about it. At least that way I can give it away to a DGD.

I’ll have to re-work my blank schematics to come up with a decent color plan.

There is the MOST FABULOUS Log Cabin on Ravelry. You just have to see it. She used Cascade Ecological Wool using earthtones. It is perfection! Now THAT is a Log Cabin I would love to own!

I’m in. I’m going to try and use up some of the Red Heart acrylics that I have. I might lean towards neutral pastels so that I can put it away until I start having children.

This is such a great idea too. :slight_smile:

OH that is a beautiful one, Dollyce! :thumbsup:

Well I’m purty sure that I am going to use 4 colors of acrylics…knit them til they’re gone. I’m not real sure if the amount I have will do the entire baby sized Log Cabin…but I’s gonna begin it anyway.

Here are my yarns:
The rainbow mix is an Encore Colorspun variegated.
The pink is Lion Pound of Love partial skein.
The purple mix is teal, purple, fuschia by Caron.
The blue green is Red Heart Soft.

Here is a schematic:

The blue marbley patches are supposed to be the Encore
variegated. The colorway is cream with yellow, pink, red, teal, blue.

Here’s a photo of the Encore Colorspun. I used to use it a lot for the grandbabies!

I’ll be making a lapghan, but it’s with yarn I purchased specifically for the project. I got several skeins of Lion Brand Chenille Thick & Quick in 3 different colors. The yarn was on clearance at Michael’s this year for $1 a skein!

My colors are Forest Green, Basil, and Terracotta.

I plan on making a ripple lapghan with it. (Photo from pattern attached)
Here’s the pattern. You have to log in to see it.

I’ve always wanted to try doing a Log Cabin project too…I’m not sure how ambitious my class schedule will be (going back to school online in January - 8 credits…gulp!) but schedule permitting, I’d love to join!

This will probably be my first Log Cabin project, though…it’s a great way to test out whether you enjoy doing Log Cabin projects:



Hmmm…you’re getting me thinking here…

I made the Absorba Bathmat from the Mason Dixon book, which is done in the log cabin style. It’s easy to do, so the blanket wouldn’t be a problem…except that I had almost convinced myself that January would be my sock knitting month…


What to do, what to do…


If someone wants to use the intarsia method and do garter here’s a tutorial.


It is gorgeous! And wonderful colors, too, Sandy!
I’ve tried knitting with chenille, but I can’t control the worming. It drives me nuts! I gave up on chenille.
Maybe there’s a trick to it that I don’t know.

THANKS for the link! What a great little pattern!!! :thumbsup:

Remember, if you join us for the beginning of the Seamless Blanket KAL…you aren’t expected to finish. It may take some of us months to finish. Some of us might run out of yarn if we’re using stash yarn. And some folks might work on it for a while, put it aside and knit something else, and then come back to the LOG CABIN after that, alternating projects. The garter stitch can be pretty darn boring, easy but boring. The beauty of the LOG CABIN is that it is so easy that you won’t forget how to do it or where you were at. You could work one log at a time…then set it aside for something else…then work another log when you feel like it, or have time for it.

Anyways, we’re here for you if your schedule allows! :hug:

Okay, so I started on the Log Cabin Dishcloth yesterday…I had just finished a scarf with a lace pattern so I wanted to work on something new but not brain bending either…and I think I may be addicted… :slight_smile:

Schedule permitting, I’m in! I also LOVE the idea of just keeping a Log Cabin blanket going to add on the assorted scraps of yarn that remain from other projects - what an awesome idea.

Ok, I’m in. I have a project in waiting (Log cabin) that has now been bumped forward using Evil-yarn, and second hand yarn I’ve been meaning to frog and maybe some bought yarn, we’ll see how things go. And I might have an Instaria blanket to pull off as well, But I’ll definatly have to buy more Yarn to compleat.
I have a question though, does the stashgan have to be seemless? Coz I have a blanket (BTW what’s the difference between an afgan and a blanket?) that is strips, another that is patches, and a bearskin rug that almost counts as a blanket that are on the go now and are all stashie? can I count them even though they have been started and aren’t seemless?

You can do any style stashghan that you want! Most of us are into the ‘seamless’ style…but of course, please join us no matter what!

I don’t the technical difference between afghans and blankets!
They all keep us warm! :cheering:

By the term “stashghan” we mean that we’re gonna try to use yarn that is laying around. No particular new yarn is sought out. But heck, some of us can buy new yarn if we want! There will be great yarn sales in December and January no doubt!

By the term “lapghan” we mean that it is smaller than usual. Just to cover the lap and legs. Older folks in wheelchairs really love lapghans.

I’ve coined other terms: “babyghan”…for cribs; “manghan” for guys…and “bedghan” sized for a bed spread! The “manghan” could vary in size, but the color scheme would suit the masculine taste!

“Afghans” typically sit on the top of our sofas, and covers us up when we nap on the sofa, or are watching tv on a cold night!

Maybe the term “afghan” implies that the “blanket” is knitted or crocheted. Whereas the term “blanket” by itself could be from the Sears catalog or Macy’s bed-and-bath department.



I’ve learned that when knitting with chenille, I have to use larger needles, because I’m usually a tight knitter. And I force myself to relax my hands as well, so I’m intentionally knitting loose. If I keep all the stitches loose, they stay put without worming. But, my hands and wrists hurt like heck when I knit with chenille, so I can only do a few rows at a time. I imagine it will go quickly though, since the yarn is so thick.

I made a baby blanket and hat with Velvetspun yarn, which is similar to Chenille Thick & Quick. They were so soft and beautiful when they were finished.

I also made a scarf with Velvetspun yarn, and it didn’t have any worming.

:roflhard: Love the term “manghan”. :thumbsup:

I am interested in joining, but I have 2 concerns. One, the back of the log cabin type blanket looks bad to me.
Also, is there a way to slip the first stitch to make it easier to pick up stitches? thank you

I have a bunch of Red Heart Super Saver that I need to do SOMETHING with and this sounds like a great plan. I’ve heard great things about the Log Cabin, but I don’t really know that much about it.

What is the difference between the “regular” and “Moderne” designs?

Here’s a few links that say it best.

The variations are endless especially with regular log cabin.

Jan provided good links! Thanks Jan!

To put it in a nutshell, here is my ‘take’ about the diff:

The Moderne has an art deco look. It is the arrangement of the blocks. They are assymetrical and the first block is off-center.

The regular log cabin blocks go round and round, rather symmetrically, from the very center block outward. You can see one of them in Jan’s 2nd link provided.

Oh, I see it now. :slight_smile: I didn’t realize the blocks were arranged differently – I guess I thought the Moderne WAS the Log Cabin design and the other was else. :blush:

Thanks! :thumbsup: