January 7th in Orlando

I signed up for a Florida yahoo knitting group … not really sure how or where … but today I got several emails… one about a “fiber weekend” in Destin, FL … which is in the Panhandle and about 7 hours from Orlando. I also got this one … which is right here in central Florida! I will pass along more information as it becomes avaliable. AND … try to figure out exactly how you can sign up for the group. It is called floridafiber in yahoo groups …

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the second annual “Distaff Day” Jan, 7th ,2006 in Orlando. This is an all day spinning, knitting, women getting together event. More Details to come out this week!!

I would be interested in more info on that. Sounds pretty cool.

This sounds cool!

OK … I admit it … I had to look “distaff” up in the dictionary!

(noun) 1 a : a staff for holding the flax, tow, or wool in spinning; b : woman’s work or domain; 2 : the female branch or side of a family

(adjective) : MATERNAL <the distaff side of the family> ; compare SPEAR ; also : FEMALE < distaff executives>

ok so finally a cool knitting thing comes close by and it’s a distaff event. so not right. :frowning: Hope you all have fun though!!!

What’s wrong with a distaff event? I’m confused…is it for spinners only? I imagine there must be cool things for knitters, too! Like yarn to buy!

I think he means the girl thing :slight_smile:

OH… lol I didn’t even pay attention to that part. Well, in any case, I’m sure the gals will be happy to sell you their yarn anyway.

I don’t know about this event per se, but my understanding of distaff is that it’s a holder for fiber primarily, I doubt they’re meaning to make it a female-only event! :wink:

I love researching stuff and found this pretty neat site:

Book of Days - Distaff Day It seems to date back quite far and I think it’s totally cool they’ve selected the true historic day to hold this event!

I’m sure guys would be welcome there. We know first-hand knitters, crocheters, spinners, et. al. are wonderful and friendly people and I highly doubt they’d turn anyone away! Even if guys aren’t allowed, I do think it’s totally awesome for there to be a gathering of women joined in spirit by common fibers. (pun intended, couldn’t help it! Seriously though. :wink: )

VERY COOL! I had never even heard the word … and now it is my favorite holiday!!!