January 2017 What'cha Knitting

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Post away! I need to get a few pics of current hat in progress. :wink:

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Thanks, Jan!

Happy 2017, everyone!

Absolutely nothing! Need to finish the Xmas things but it’s really starting to feel like a chore now, will do some more on my crochet shawl or blanket, will start my C2C as well with this yarn :heart_eyes:

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Wow, that is pretty! Looks like ocean colors!

Now you know why I don’t knit many gifts. I liked making the little stockings and kitty gifts, but with those it didn’t matter how many or even if I finished! I’m always amazed at people who will make socks, a sweater or blanket for a gift.

That’s why I bought it! Living by the coast I thought it would make a good beach blanket depending on how well it turns out :slight_smile:

Love the colors in that yarn. It’ll be fun to work with and make a gorgeous blanket.

Beautiful colours! Interesting it says double knitting on it.

DK is a weight of yarn between worsted and sport. You can actually double knit with any weight yarn.

Interesting! I always learn new things on this site.

Here’s the cat hat! I actually finished it right before Christmas, but I forgot to take a picture so my daughter just sent this to me. I asked her if I could use the photo and if she wanted me to blur her face. She said it was okay, but to make sure to you tell you she’s much cuter in person. :joy: This is the pattern I used. The brim I made is about 2.5", but she has it rolled up.


That’s such an adorable hat and cute model, Jan. Thanks very much for the pattern. I can see at least one of these in my future.

Happy New Year everyone :fireworks:
It’s been a very quiet knitting spell for me, just a cat toy and a kindle cover - both from the Grumpy Cat’s Knitting Nightmares pattern book.

I’m hoping to finish off some long term wips this year, as well as starting a couple of new ones for two challenges I’ve joined on rav for 2017 ( with my current state of enthusiasm - I’ll be lucky to finish 1 item let alone 12!!) Best get to it then :zap:


Each one is funny and adorable. The kindle cover would be a giggle every time I looked at it.

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Adorable! Your daughter is lovely. Those eyes!

Trying to get this double knit hat done before winter is over. Alpaca fingering. Purple and grey. Supposed to be a blocks illusion but so far I’m thinking the colors are too close and yarn too fuzzy.
Mainly hoping the fingering is the right thickness, my wool worsted DK hat is hot in almost all weather.
No idea what I’ll do with the design at the decreases.


Hey guys!

Well, I just finished my first hat/first piece of stranded knitting, so I’m feeling rather pleased with myself. There’s quite a few imperfections but hey, it can only be up from here!

I’ve been carrying around a half finished cabled scarf and a half finished bag for the past month, and I’m finally returning to my home and knitting stash in Edinburgh, so I can finish both soon. (Home, I have decided, is the location of your largest wool stash!) I would like to knit another hat, as well, and possibly start a blanket… so I’m sure I’ll be swamped with projects soon!


Beautiful stranded knitting! Your tension looks nice and even, and the hat looks terrific. Enjoy wearing it.

Finished a mini mania scarf for hubby. Found out that I like doing linen stitch and I’ll definitely be using this stitch again for future projects :smile_cat:


Your linen stitch is gorgeous! I love it too but have never knit such a large project in it. Colors are yummy too.

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