Jan's joined the 21'st Century!


So wonderful! :woohoo:


:happydance: Yeah, for DD being able to get a flight home. There is nothing better than having family around you for the holidays. Enjoy your time together!


Been awhile since I’ve been here! :zombie:


I see you found it!!


Ha! :lol: Yep, it’s so quiet inherent it wasn’t as far down as I expected.


well I was going to say “nice baby sweater” but I see that is from 2009! It is still nice anyway, that baby must be getting big now lol.


:lol: I’ve made so many baby sweaters now I’m not even sure which one you’re referring to. But, thank you! :hug:


lol it was the one for your housekeeper. The baby must be aroun 2 now?


Oh yes! He is 2 1/2 now! I saw him wearing it last winter, but I don’t see him often. I’m guessing he’s too big for it now.

And thank you! That was the Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Surprise Jacket. I think I’ve made 3 of them now.


Crikey, Jan! - all this time and I’d never read your points list!
Wonderful, it is - quite delightful. Good on yer!
People’s lives are nearly always fascinating to other people: it matters not how small the detail, because part will be “oh, I can relate to that” and the rest will be “I never thought of doing that!”.
So everyone’s happy.



Ha! Been awhile since I posted here hasn’t it! I’m sure that points list could use updating! I think I’ve been here since 2005?

ETA- Oh my… I just looked at the list and it might be fun to take a trip down memory lane and update so I’ll do that soon!


I have always wanted to knit one of EZ’S Surprise Jackets . I have all of her knitting books and the only thing I have knitted of hers so far is the Tomtem Jacket.

I knitted a top down raglan sweater that you and suzeeq (I think) helped me get through for my GGD a while back. She has out grown it and now I am knitting her a teddy bear that the sweater I knitted her will fit and she can have it back as a keepsake piece.


That’ll be so cute! What a sweet way to continue to use the sweater!

If you decided to make the baby surprise sweater I recommend getting the newer version of the pattern with multiple sizes including adults. While I love her books the actual patterns are much easier to follow.

It’s about a quarter of the way down the page.

And right above that pattern I see a new circular stranded version!! I may have to get that. It’s not possible to have too many patterns is it? Nah!

ETA- I bought it!! :cheering:


Thanks for the link. It kind of sucks that I have the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern in one of her books but it’s not in a normal knitting pattern form that I’m able to follow. When I knitted the Tomten Jacket I had to go to my LYS and pay to have someone sit down and decode her pattern and then guide me through it.:shrug:


Yeah, I guess patterns were written a little more like notes or a conversation then. At least they have been transcribed so we can do them easier. :doh:


I know but I wish I had know this before I went and bought all of her books. Someone suggested I get them so Hubby bought them off of ebay as a surprise for me


This is good info. I’m glad I read these comments. I’m sorry it worked out that way for you.


I agree. I don’t have all her books, but I did enjoy reading the few I have just as a book.

Here’s a hint though for any book…check the reviews on Amazon before buying. Look at at least a few of 1, 2 and 3 star reviews because they tell it like it is.


I saw the circular stranded sweater too and no it’s not possible to have too many patterns, silly girl :fingerwag:


Jan, thanks for sharing the info about the stranded BSJ pattern. OMG, I just love it! :inlove:

I have the originals in EZs books for baby and adult, but I just had to get both of these from Schoolhouse for when I don’t want to do the math or think too much but just knit, especially for the child sizes.:mrgreen: There’s no such thing as too many patterns or too much yarn!