Jan's joined the 21'st Century!


Feel better soon!


(a.k.a. prayers for healing to the non-Harry Potter fan)

are being set your way.[/COLOR]


Ooo I love Harry Potter! :yay: Thanks you guys! It actually feels a little better today, but I’ve got a purple spot on the side of my foot and all around my little toe. I was going to see about the ortho, but I think I’ll wait a few days and see how it goes first.

This stupid boot is so uncomfortable! :hair: At least we got it fitting properly so I can not use the crutches which helps a lot!


:?? :??? :eyes:

I think you might like to take a look at this blog by Marni. She has tips for getting around with crutches.


Yikes, Jack! At least mine isn’t that bad. The boot is a walking boot so it’s okay. My foot is still bruised looking in some spots, but I can walk on with the boot okay. No need for crutches since they said nothing is broken and this boot is like being encased in cement. :zombie:


But still that cooling machine she mentions sound, cool erm, groovy.

Hope I haven’t adjusted the language to the wrong decade. :wink:


Thought I’d share a picture… I’ve graduated to an elastic bandage and flip flops (walking carefully)…surprisingly my foot doesn’t hurt with them whereas it does in a shoe. :?? It doesn’t hurt as much as it looks like it would, but I still can’t bend it too much.


Poor girl! :pout:


Oh no! (made my stomach flip)


It’s been a week now and my foot is still bruised and sore. I can’t wear a shoe other than a flip flop with an elastic bandage. ~sigh~ What a pain. :hair:


Yeah, it takes longer to heal as we get older (grin, duck and run).

But sprains can be a problem at any age. I was 35 when I sprained one ankle really bad and it took about a month to heal up.


:doh: :teehee:

I think this is actually more than a sprain. I think I might have a broken toe or possibly since they didn’t “see” a break anywhere it could be a torn ligament or whatever it is. It’s still all bruised around that area of my foot around the toe…down about 2 inches actually from the middle toe or so over to the edge. Then there is a bruised spot about the size of a nickel to a quarter on the side of my foot. My ankle does hurt a bit, but not too bad…only when it’s tweaked a certain way.


Yeah, that’s what happened in my ankle, it was a torn ligament or tendon. It bothered me off and on when I was on it a lot or walking on concrete, but I had acupuncture on it about 10 years ago and it doesn’t bother me at all. You might consider that; even with the bruising, it could help speed up the healing. It may hurt worse for a few days and that’s completely normal, then will start feeling better.


I’ll have to check into that. Thanks for the idea!


I hope your foot gets better soon! I know it’s a pain to deal with. :heart: :heart:


I think it’s slowly getting better, but I’m still in an elastic bandage. It’s been almost 2 weeks and it’s still bruised, too. Sheesh!


Oh Jan, I’m so sorry to hear about your ankle. I hope that it feels better soon. Be patient with your healing, think of all the extra knitting time you can get in :teehee: :knitting: :thumbsup:


Just knit yourself a flesh toned sock!

Muggles! :roflhard:


I actually thought about making flip flop socks because my feet are freezing since I can’t comfortably wear shoes yet. :teehee: Flesh tone sounds good…maybe I could do some fair isle for the toes to perk up my nails, too. :roflhard:


Good plan!
“Fake Pedicure” socks would probably be a great pattern! You’d make a killing selling that pattern on Ravelry! :thumbsup: