Jan's joined the 21'st Century!


I agree. You can smell fall in the air in NC. And I’m thinking-all those leaves to rake!:teehee:


I wonder if it is Tannins that we smell or if the trees produce pheromones when their leaves change color? I just read the color change is due to both the build up of sugar (red) or waste or tannins (brown) and the disappearance of chlorophyll. Colors like orange (carotene) and yellow (xanthophyll) are already in the leaves in some portion but only become visible with the disappearance of chlorophyll.


Thanks for the “thought provoking” observations.


That’s interesting, Jack. We have some trees turning brown, but it’s probably more due to lack of water and heat. Maybe some trees lack those chemicals, too. :think: I haven’t read the articles yet, but will check them out later.


That IS very interesting. You are never too old to learn something new everyday.


Here’s some of my DH’s ceramics. He’s been taking a few classes at the local community college. The two green ones are actually about the same color, but the picture was taken in a different spot. These are just a few of his pieces. He’s given some away and we use some of it and some of it is sitting here and there and everywhere. :lol:


Those are beautiful pieces, I’m very impressed. BRAVO!


Creativity runs in the family! :thumbsup:

I especially like the last one, on the bottom. Reminds me of a teapot, with the handles on the sides like that. Like “Mrs Potts” in Beauty and the Beast. :heart:


[COLOR="#330099"]Those are very nice pieces your DH made. And I like the idea of taking a local community college class.

Something about your thread title keeps tripping me up.
“Jan’s knitting as fast as I can!”

Either there is another “Jan” that knits just as fast as you or you switched from third person to first person. :eyebrow2:

Or you are simply beside yourself.


:roflhard: Yeah, that is a weird title isn’t it!

Thanks! Those ceramic pieces were just the ones on the table. There are tons. :lol:


As I remember, ceramics can be very heavy. So “tons” doesn’t necessarily say that much… :wink:

May you never drop one on anything that can break, crush, or bruise.


:roflhard: You got that right! Although he’s getting better at that now, too. Let’s just say we have a [I]lot[/I] of pottery sitting around. :teehee:


I’m going to a knitting slumber party at my LYS tonight! It’s only till 11pm, but we are going to wear or jammies and there will be lots of food and knitting! Woooo! :yay:


How fun! I wanna go! cloud9


:teehee: Have you found a good LYS near your new place?


I’ll bet you had a wonderful time! I know I would.


I did have a good time! They have drawings for prizes and I think nearly everyone, if not everyone gets one. I got a book that I would not have ever made anything from, but someone else did too and we liked each others so we traded. :teehee: Can’t remember the name offhand, but I’ll post it in little while.


So glad that you had a good time. We all need to have fun like that :slight_smile:


Ugh… slipped on the laminate floor today and badly sprained my foot. I’ve got a big blue boot and crutches. DH discovered that I can use the computer chair for a wheelchair though and it’s easier to move around at least within the rooms with a hard floor. :lol:

At least I didn’t hurt my arm or hands so I can still knit! :thumbsup:


Owie! At least there’s some good to come out of it; you have an excuse to sit and knit.


Poor Jan! :heart: :heart:
I hope you get healed SOON! :pout: